Meanwhile, at Twitter… Cressa Maeve Beer fixed this New York Times headline.

Cressa Maeve Beer fixed NY Times Headline July 2022
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Seriously, y’all… the USA’s Pluto Return is all about reconciling VALUES and being honest about the origin story of this freakin’ country vs. freedom as a brand.

Why does the system feel the need to have so much CONTROL over others?

Because they’re terrified of the choices they themselves would make if they lived in alignment with their desires. Their desires terrify them, so they need to control others.

Legislating morality has always been one of the more fascinating parts of government and religion. It does not affect you AT ALL if a stranger uses pronouns that confuse you or if a stranger terminates an unwanted pregnancy.

Follow the money, y’all.

There is a late-capitalist white supremacy ableist cis-het straight Christian agenda that has everything to do with controlling money. Staying socially superior. Maintaining dominance.

And none of that is about celebrating FREEDOM.

Pluto, of course, has thoughts about that… and here we are… getting to clarify what our country’s values really are.

I love how the now of it all is providing everyone an opportunity to have more clarity than ever before.

Clarity allows me to be focused on what’s important TO ME.

What does clarity do for you? If it’s CONFRONTING, can you invite in curiosity rather than being reactive? Can you explore the feelings rather than exploiting those whose choices stir those feelings in you?

I love you. And I love my life. These are interesting times. And I remain interested in what this teaches us all.

Bonnie Gillespie is opinionated.
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