Hello beautiful people. 🙂 It feels good to be consistent with showing up like this again. For now.

One of the best parts of having ghosted my mailing list more than a year ago and living to tell the tale of it is that I no longer feel like once I’ve decided something, it’s chosen forEVER. (My woo version of this is “leaning into the Mutable,” which I’m loving.)

That means I can say “I’m back” and go away again. I can write about astrology all the time and then trot out one of the best showbiz support articles this Emmy-honored casting director has ever built.

ESPECIALLY in this world right now, it’s safe to have no rules. Hell, it’s probably better. Keeps us ready for the once disconcerting, now totally expected collapse of so many broken systems. (Hello, USA’s Pluto return!)

Okay, so this post is comin’ atcha thanks to a screengrab from December 31st 2021 that I bumped into recently, as I was trying to clean up my graveyard of screengrabs and PDFs I’ve downloaded but will never actually read. Here’s the year-end message I shared with my team, after the stats revealed that for the second year in a row, our business was operating at a near-six-figure loss.

Bonnie Gillespie's message to the team, December 31, 2021
Click to enbiggen.

Here’s what it all means, other than the financial comparison, which isn’t the point of this post.

By choosing to NOT do our usual year-end enrollment push for our flagship offering, Get in Gear for the Next Tier, I was able to give the team time off. By ghosting my mailing list after the summit I produced, I was able to BE fully depressed, sleeping 20 hours a day and healing from the inside for a while. By going with my gut when it came to how I showed up in the world, never stressing about what anyone might think, we were able to evolve my business with kindness and trust and less hustle. Less hafta.

Less hafta.

That’s some good stuff right there. Because what the world does NOT need right now is a bunch of creative storytellers and spiritual healers walking around exhausted because we’ve been pegged hard at the HAFTA setting for too long.

As you may have noticed from the screengrab, I acknowledged the financial loss while celebrating being UP for self-care, self-nurturing, self-celebrating, and self-honoring. When a member of my team holds a boundary for her own downtime, I celebrate. Previous me would’ve been annoyed at another push of the timeline on a project of mine that now has to wait again, due to that time off. Previous me would’ve prioritized results that hustle culture teaches us to love. Now me? She is grateful she got out of hustle culture alive.

Sure, hustle culture and being a good soldier to the capitalist, ableist, white supremacy patriarchy landed me on bedrest in 2018, drinking vodka daily up ’til October 16th 2016 and — more recently — full-on depressed, but I GOT OUT ALIVE. And we all can.

It starts with less hafta.

What if we get our results in life IN SPITE OF working so damn hard, not because of it? What if it can all just be easy? What if it’s safe NOT to hustle?

Like… I can offer you the opportunity to work with me 1-on-1 without doing some big sales email. I can invite you to our new woo community, the Chart Harmony Discord without concern about getting it right. And I can celebrate your ability to unsub from my emails if the new me doesn’t mesh with you… while engaging with those of you who have been SO KIND to write back to let me know you’re happy to have me in your inbox again.

Here at halfway through the year, I notice I ended my December 31st message to my team with, “Let’s make 2022 whatever the fuck we want it to be.”

As I design 11 slots for private year-long guided Chart Harmony work with me (check your inbox for info on that next week, on my birthday, along with my annual Sum of All Years tradition), I am absolutely living out making 2022 whatever the fuck I want it to be.

I really hope that you are too.

And if this post has inspired you to commit to that, here’s the deal: Less hafta. You are MORE than welcome to use me for accountability with making it happen… but not because there’s any hafta involved, okay?

You’ve got this!

Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. Wanna work with Bon? Start here. Thanks!

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  1. Erin July 5, 2022 at 9:04 am

    Love this, Bon. And it’s so perfectly aligned with the energy I’ve been fighting against internally (thanks, Capricorn Moon) and as I try to figure out what I’m gonna be when I grow up. And it’s a good reminder to reconnect to that trust I started 2022 with, and embrace the restlessness in which I’m currently sitting because it’s all part of the growth process. Because when you have less hafta you get to figure out what the want-ta is. ❤️

    1. Bonnie Gillespie July 7, 2022 at 9:56 pm

      Yessssssss! Exactly, Erin. That’s it. And well done, knowing where that energy is coming from (the backseat of your Life-Car) so you can make sure Capricorn Moon feels well heard without having to pull stunts that get the whole car pulled over to hafta 😉 deal with. XO


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