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The Sum of All Years: 36

Best of LA, then BBC Breakfast. 35K weekly hits, then THR pilot. Goodbye Roxbury, hello showcase. Westside happy hours became essential as I did more casting, more writing, more epiphany-filled living. Being “thirty silly” rocks!

The Sum of All Years: 35

Made one minor change every ten days to become the healthiest I’ve been. Stayed married to my best friend. Moved up a tier or two in casting. Published fourth book. Embraced inefficiency. Didn’t grow up….

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The Sum of All Years: 34

Regained weight, published third book, got married, discovered first silver hairs. LASIK, gluten-free eating, and open-valve living changed my life. Cast another ten films. Spent many nights at Dan Tana’s with Brody.

The Sum of All Years: 33

Published rockstar second book, Hollywood Happy Hour went global, hired to write for Showfax, (unhealthfully) lost weight on Atkins, went on book tour, cast three more movies, brought Thwok home, Quinn visited again.

The Sum of All Years: 32

A big year: I publish my first book, quit BSW, start Hollywood Happy Hour, manage talented actors, work as casting coordinator for two Fox shows, cast a feature film, postpone the wedding.

The Sum of All Years: 31

Met Keith in person, moved him to Hollywood (the sign under which he proposed), took him to Sundance. Friends had babies, I turned down a book deal, Cricket Feet was born.

The Sum of All Years: 29

Ten survival jobs (ranging from BSW to Improv Comedy Traffic School; from Rox to petsitting), signed with agent on Thanksgiving, shot indie films, did standup, finally living MY life.

The Sum of All Years: 28

Age 28 Epiphany! Sell everything (except the TicTac) on eBay and return to Hollywood. Psycho roommate and dayjob boss; amazing friends for karaoke, improv, acting, and pornstar partying.

The Sum of All Years: 27

Therapist declares: “You’re not bipolar! You’re a JUNKIE!” Withdrawal from painkillers sucks, but reinvention is blissful. Travel. Teach. Start PhD in Instructional Technology. “Miss G. loves Chip!”