Do you set a word or theme for the year?

Recents for me are as follows:

2015 — RUP (ridiculous unapologetic prosperity)
2016 — upgrade (and that included purging incompatible old programming)
2017 — more space
2018 — reach
2019 — discovery

I remember the moment each of these themes clicked for me and became my focus. And I remember the moment each of these themes showed me how different the focus could be than how I intended it when setting it months earlier.

Because I’ve gotten so clear on how nuanced the lessons of each year tend to be, I’ve intentionally steered my words and themes to be more open, more expansive, more curious… less linear, less literal, less one-dimensional.


As we take on this Capricorn-new-moon-eclipse-Uranus-direct-Mars-in-Aries energy, I feel a shift in mental-spiritual-emotional energy that’s like WHOA.

And that force has shifted my feelings about my physical sensations (The Artist FKA Pain) today. There’s a state of FLOW like I’ve not felt in more than a year at this point and it’s not an accident that I woke up this morning (welp, TBH, this afternoon, since I didn’t even go to bed ’til 4:30am and didn’t fall asleep until the sun came up) feeling as though I’ve turned a corner in my healing journey.

It’s like everything I understood theoretically became REAL today.

And I now understand the gifts I’m to invite within so that I have more to share.

This clarity is nothing I thought was missing… but wow is it beautiful.

I said to my Expansive Capacity masterminders in November that everything I do from this point forward is bonus points because my life is now about BEING rather than DOING. I’ve done enough in life. And I’m only just getting started.

This paradox is EVERYTHING.

And I am so happy to be both fully satisfied and striving!

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