Helloooooooo Bonnaroo!

I would love to share with your readers this FREE tool (for five emails daily) to track opens. I think this is a great way to find out which casting directors, agents, etc., are opening my promo emails and clicking through to watch my reel, visit my site, etc. Yah?

Hoo, boy. While I love a good geeky share, I’m gonna say this with love: Step away from the temptation to track.

Put your good work into the world without worry about whether your targets are opening, clicking, engaging when you send emails their way. If you get results-oriented about what you create (whether that’s your reel, your website, or your own original content), you’ll chase away any results that could come from having created brilliance in the first place.

Look, I don’t try to watch YOU or other actors to see if y’all read my columns every week or listen to my podcast when new episodes go up. I create, create, create and then I hit a networking event and have people lined up to say thank you for this column or that episode. I get the feedback I need organically. So do you, if you’ll trust and give it all *time* to develop.

Just do good work. Love the work you do and those you do it for, whether they’re clicking or not. They’ll show up when they’re meant to (and certainly not because you’re tracking them).

While I do believe there are some businesses in which results-tracking is valuable, for artists, the potential is just too great that you’ll just make yourself crazy with this sort of tool.

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