Is Your Learning Style the Problem?

Now, I don't mean *the* problem… I mean: Is your learning style the problem for the strategy you're trying out?

Because when something that works for others just doesn't work for you (you know what I'm talking about, right?), the tendency is to say, "This is broken! This method doesn't work!"

Or worse: "I suck at this."

What if, instead, it's your learning style that's not aligning with the strategy you're trying out?

Here's an example.

My primary learning style is interactive. When this was determined in undergrad (when I was a peer tutor and we were all tested on our learning styles both to identify our most powerful method of learning *and* to help us assess our clients' primary learning styles so that we could change up our tutorial sessions to best help them achieve their academic goals), everyone was shocked. Because interactive is NOT a common primary learning style.

It's typically an overlay to the far more common primary learning styles (visual, auditory, verbal).

So when it was determined that my primary learning style was interactive (also known as social), everything clicked.

Of course I learned more in small study groups than from the book.

Of course I learned more when explaining my notes to a classmate who'd missed a class than from the lecture.

Of course I learned more when teaching others than when looking at an infographic.

Of course.

(Everyone was terrified when I declared that meant I never had to attend another class or buy another textbook and I'd still ace every class as long as I could hit the break-out sessions and Q&A labs.)

And if I could've gone back to every class I had struggled through prior to that and explored the exact same subject matter from an interactive approach, I'd have been an honor student all the way through school, not just here and there.

I bring this up to you today because I see a lot of actors blaming themselves for not *getting* some of what they attempt, when it comes to the business side of things. "I suck at pitching myself." "I can't pick on-brand headshots." "I can't even figure out what my brand is!"

Perhaps it's the WAY in which you're approaching these things that is to blame.

What if you could lean into what may have been labeled a weakness as you were growing up — you know. You were told to stop drumming your desk with your fingers or to quit tapping your toes… when you're a kinesthetic learner and that movement is what maps the new information into your brain most effectively — and suddenly master every ninja tip you've been given over the years?

You can.

Take a look at this simple map of learning styles (yes, even if you're not a visual learner) and consider how you may begin approaching something that has challenged you from a stronger position now. Try it! Maybe it'll change your life!

You have so much more power than you've been led to believe. This creative career of yours is what you choose to make of it. Let me help you make it its very best! Your talent is too important for you not to share it with the world! No more playing small.

So much love flowing your way,

Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. Wanna work with Bon? Start here. Thanks!

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