Long, Rambling Post

I got flowers today. (Of course, I mean Friday, but y’know how my timelines work.)
The amazing Mister Trevor Murphy sent me flowers (and I’m not entirely sure why), and the funny thing about getting flowers from cute boys is that Keith, who is rarely jealous, gets his fur up a bit over this kind of thing. (Boys are so adorable like that.) Maybe it’s just for show. Still funny.
Thank you, Trevs. You’re precious.
Ready for some great news (and something encouraging for every friend who’s ever shot a pilot that didn’t get picked up)?
Nobody’s Watching, the pilot Bob Clendenin did last year, has found a new life on YouTube (seriously… watch the whole three-part episode. It rocks) and now (according to tomorrow’s article in The Hollywood Reporter) is going back into production.
No idea what this means for Bob and the show he’s in that DID get picked up this season, but MAN what a great problem to have!
My tooth hurts.
My fingernails are longer than they’ve been in like… ever. Being healthy is fun.
There’s a WAY pimped out orange Corvette that’s been parked on our street for a few weeks. I finally saw the guy who owns it and said to Keith (who was in the other room), “Describe the guy who owns the orange Corvette.” “I’ve never seen the guy who owns the orange Corvette.” “I know. Describe him anyway.” “Um… white, 55, pot-bellied, bald?” “Yup. Cute little ring of silver hair. No comb-over, though.”
Don’t you just love stuff that’s a wee bit predictable?
Oh, and am I the only one who almost always confuses the words etymology and entomology? I guess it’s because of the whole Spelling BEE thing. *snork*
Okay… back to work.

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  1. Ed R July 22, 2006 at 10:25 am

    No ownder Mathew McAughnehey or however you spell it is selling HIS vette- he doesn’t want to get fat!

  2. matt July 22, 2006 at 11:59 am

    uh-oh, how would you describe a guy who wants a lime-gold 65 mustang?

  3. Bon July 25, 2006 at 2:20 pm

    Matt… that’s hot.
    PS–Looks like this guy may LIVE in his car. Or, at least he’s in it, reading the paper, checking his hair in the mirror, etc., for several hours each day. Very odd.


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