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Is Your Learning Style the Problem?

Now, I don't mean *the* problem… I mean: Is your learning style the problem for the strategy you're trying out? Because when something that works for others just doesn't work for you (you know what…

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Opinions Please

I’m not going to tell you whose opinion is which in this situation (consider it like the ants vs. fleas debate that I totally won three years ago). I have five copies of Self-Management for…

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Jury Duty Again!

So, longtime readers of the BonBlogs will recall that I turned my last experience with jury duty into a little journal, exploring the intricacies of baffling human behavior. Well, just got my summons for service…

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The Duck?

I know someone at MTV must’ve realized this, because there are NEW flags and logos that don’t look like this. Didn’t the first version of the MTV The Duel flag look like it said The…

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How much do I love my sister in law? So much! Lookee what she sent me!! Hello Kitty PEZ, baby! Heeeeee! Thanks, Liz. you rule!

Email Down

Just wanted to say that if you’ve sent an email to me (or Keith or anyone else we’ve given addresses to) at any of the email addresses (or addresses or addresses) since…

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