In celebration of all the fun reframes we did in the awesome Astro-Preneur Social: Systems Edition (an event led by amazing Susana Aho in the brilliant Claire Gallagher‘s Stellium community), I wanted to share some of the more fun tags we use in our Ontraport world.

Ontraport is an all-in-one system for sending email newsletters, taking mailing list members through nurture sequences, managing paywall/password access to membership spaces, creating sales pages and said member spaces, plus a whole lotta stuff we DON’T use Ontraport to do. One of the things that makes any system for managing PEOPLE effective is the use of tags (labels to identify where people started in your world, where they are in your world, where they’ve been in your world, and so on). What follows is how I bring humor and even silliness to our tags so I hate Ontraport less.

Tire Kicker — This is the person who will always ask questions (great questions, real questions) about every offer we’re promoting at any given time, making everyone certain they WILL be buying, and then they never do. And they’ve been on our list long enough for us to know this is a pattern and we’re not to get our hopes up when they start asking questions about the next thing. They’re likely just eating up customer service hours and energy and the more we can answer them with a link to an FAQ page, the better.

Freebie Greedy — This is the person who signs up for a free thing and then unsubs after it’s over because they don’t want the regular emails. They show a pattern of in and out in and out in and out for the mailing list… and they CAN also have a layer of the next tag on them IF they are the type who also writes in, FAST and with lots of fire energy, “Where is my free thing?!?” before checking their spam filter or junk folder, etc.

ILTSTTM (I’d Like to Speak to the Manager) — This is the person who, no matter WHAT is going on, is going to want to hear it from me. There is no answer anyone on Team Bonnie Gillespie can give them that’s satisfactory. They’re going to want to know how to reach me directly, hear from me directly, get final word from me, etc., as if all the policies my team spells out aren’t already what I would give as a response anyway. For this person, we have a whole library of “Bonnie asked me to share these words with you, personally” responses written up and ready to go without my team having to ask me for them.

Welcome Back, Kotter — This is the person who goes away and then comes back. NOT like a Freebie Greedy (they have to do it more than once or twice AND never buy to get that badge of honor), this is someone who has been with us before so there’s a check in the Ontraport systems of previous nurture sequences they’ve received, to be sure we don’t put them through those journeys again UNLESS they specifically opted in for exactly that (which sometimes happens, especially with the woo stuff; they want to revisit after having reached a higher level of comprehension of the material).

Bye, Felicia — A temporary tag that someone receives when they’ve done something in our world that we call a “sideways opt-out”. They’ve unsubbed from SOMETHING in our world that will now prevent them from being warmed up for the various offers we’re going to make (but maybe they still want access to something that is made available exclusively to mailing list members). This temp tag is on them while their record moves through the automation that checks all the things and then fully unsubs them if that’s the conclusion that makes sense per the logic we’ve programmed into the checkpoints. GAH! I love “if this, then that” conditionals and flow charts!

Guru Hunter — This one is really great for those people who show up in the Instagram DMs (or similar places) asking me to make them famous, tell them what agent is best for them, determine their most castable type, or — in the woo world — tell them when and where they’ll meet the love of their life, etc. They don’t want to learn how to fish; they want fish served to them (usually for free, usually fast), and when we point them to our existing low-touch offers, they insist that they need to work 1-on-1 with me (if they’re willing to spend money at all) and then either become a Tire Kicker or longtime lurker before buying, as they come to learn my style is not guru-friendly (and someone out there WILL give them an opportunity to pay for guru advice). At one point, I did allow a Guru Hunter into an in-person class and she wrote in after saying that she wanted to now offer me the opportunity to give her a 1-on-1 so she can truly have “The Bonnie Touch” rather than the more-applicable-to-all-present guidance she received in the group class. We refunded her money for that class right away and then labeled her with the next 2 tags as well!

Special Flower — Now, let’s be clear: WE are Special Flowers. We own that we need a lot of conditions to be a certain way in order to be blissed out and loving life. Unapologetic enoughness around our Special Flower status is real, here. That said, when it comes to our mailing list, there will often be people who — no matter WHAT the email we just sent is about — are going to need lots and lots and lots of hand-holding. There can be Freebie Greedy folks in this category and there can be Lifers who buy and buy and buy from us… but still always need a lot of work. We just have to budget for that, when we’re deciding whether to make space on the calendar for high-touch work with them!

WANEGBT — Swifties will recognize the acronym. This is the group I mentioned that gets the special tag that prevents them from ever being able to sign up for anything (at least with this email address) in our world. Their money is no good with us. They are too much work and life is too damn short for such an energetic load. The acronym, of course, stands for We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together.

Lifers — My favorite tag. Our Lifers are the people who are first to buy, longest to stay, most awesome to work with in so many ways, and THIS is the “Population of Thirds” third that we try to stay focused on, as much as possible. We love these folks because they love what we create in the world, how we create it, and of course our big why (Simen Sinek, hai!). There’s not a lot we have to DO to dazzle these folks. They help us remember this work is a lot of fun, even with all the less-fun-tagged people who make their way into our life. 😉 What can we say? I’m a #VenusRuledMoonBaby over here running this business. We’re gonna attract a lot of really wonderful folks… and less fun ones. And that’s okay. As long as we keep having fun with it all.

There are more, but this gives you an idea of some of the funtimes we have in our backend systems to keep it light and playful, rather than a pain in the ass and far-too-Capricorn-serious in its Saturnian ways.

What could you add to this list? Do you have fun tag names in your systems? Which one of these is your fave?

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