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Hi Bonnie,

I was just reviewing a Dallas Travers teleclass you so graciously gave your time to be a part of and, of course, I’ve read Self-Management for Actors. I loved your tip on how to up my ranking on IMDb, by the way! Also, you’ve inspired me to stay on track with a web series I’m currently in the first stages of co-creating with some fabulous people.

I think you ask such thought provoking questions, give so much great advice and share so many fabulous ideas that I can’t help but want to follow you everywhere now. Sooo… I’m wondering if you have a mailing list for your column. I visited Showfax to catch up on what I’ve been missing but it’d be great to have a way to get future entries delivered right to my inbox.

Thanks for all you do and please consider adding me to your mailing list. I look forward to keeping an eye out for more of your shimmering brilliance, either way.

Maitely Weismann

Aw, thanks Maitely. What kind words! I’m excited about your webseries. Can’t wait to hear more about it.

The Showfax site has a handy RSS feed, so you can actually subscribe to the page via your favorite feed reader (many browsers and email programs have ’em built right in).

While the awesome folks at Breakdown Services promote my column on their Actors Access Twitter page, I don’t think they offer any sort of email-based notification; so using the RSS feed will be your best bet.

I do have a Cricket Feet Mailing List, but I’m pretty bad about keeping it updated, I’m afraid. I keep thinking I’m gonna get better about using it to announce weekly columns, speaking engagements, book signings, and seminars, but I’m always too dang busy to stay as connected as I would like to.

So, click on the little orange XML button in the area just below my photo above, for the most reliable method of notification of each week’s columns. Do it at Mark’s column too. And the NY-based blogs. And thanks again for your support! Much appreciated.

[UPDATE: I now have a mailing list! Just pop your email address in at to get a free MP3 and weekly doses of inbox love, alerting you to the latest columns, updates to the podcast at iTunes, and all courses, castings, and tours. Yay!]

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