What To Do (Option Overload)


Okay, so for one, I’m going to blog more. That was one of my (non-)resolutions (“non,” since I don’t really make resolutions; the other is “more face time” with people I care about) for 2010. So, as I’m working all of this out in my head today, I realize maybe I could get some clarity by writing about it.


One of the things we did as a part of the showcase was a set of “Self-Management for Actors seminars” (sessions with the showcasers, to make sure their marketing materials were in their best possible shape, talk about best-matched agents and managers, strategize casting opportunities, and work on networking tactics). As some of the earlier showcasers went a few months or a year or so out of the experience, they craved a “tune up” and started asking me to offer the seminars to alumni.

What I did, instead, was offer up weekly classes, which we did for all of 2009. (That was awesome. Pretty much changed my life in some really profound ways. I love what we were able to accomplish and how we grew as a group of co-conspirators, ready to rock this town.) And that came to an end just before my trip to Australia, as we decided to transition into quarterly retreats (with the first one taking place 1/23/10; the next–one for kids and parents of kid actors–will be in April; and so on).

But I have this need to keep the good info flowing a little more frequently than quarterly, plus whatever bookings I have for speaking engagements around the world (which I love having; I want to invite more of that into my life in 2010, with loads of travel and seminars and book signings). I had been recording vids for my Facebook page and that’s been fun, but now I’m saving up my recordings to premiere at Somebody’s Basement, when we launch that this year.

I’m wondering if I should find a way to do a radio show or a regular podcast, or another outlet for writing about the industry (or even something broader than that). I mean, obviously, we’re already working up a fuckton of stuff, between Somebody’s Basement and the show I’m developing, and all of the roadshow stuff, and these quarterly retreats, and turning SMFA into an iPhone app and board game, and my weekly column, and then there’s some casting coming back (woo hoo! Awesome projects that had some stalls over the past two years are finally greenlit and back on our slate), which means it’s not like I’m looking for more work to do.

Yet, I am.

It’s like I have so much that I want to do and I can’t quite figure out which river to float down.

Of course, the truth is, I’ll float and end up where I’m supposed to be, because that’s what happens in life. There’s no wrong turn except the one you force, and I’m not looking to force anything.

So, I guess I’m just inviting “whatever” into my life, and hoping by putting this out there, that’ll bring it on into my world at the right and perfect moment, in the best possible conditions.


(PS–It’s my half-birthday. Six months ’til 40, y’all! Woo!)

Posted by bonnie at January 11, 2010 1:41 AM

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