Ah, sweet Cancer Moon… all the feels. As we continue our Chart Harmony tour through all 12 signs of the zodiac with the Moon as our guide, it’s time to let la luna show us who she really is.

Cancer Moon - Chart Harmony

The Moon rules Cancer, so this is the time when we have a KNOWING that comes from beyond that gut instinct. This is when we feel Ev.Er.Y.thing.

Chart Harmony - Cancer Moon

Consider the Cancer Moon as the ideal opportunity to give yourself a monthly reset for all the energy you pick up out there in life (and that’s a lot). Let it feel like wringing out a dirty sponge and then starting fresh with clean, clear water!

natal Moon in Cancer - Chart Harmony

Our Cancer Moon is sensitive, intuitive, protective like only a big-claw havin’ mama can be. Part neighborhood mom, part drag mother, she is tuned into how best to get everyone’s needs met. She knows her role is to reflect back solutions from your light (not to be your solution or light, herself).

The most loving way to connect with the Cancer Moon is to allow yourself to cry, soak in the tub, eat comfort food (especially recipes from your mama’s kitchen), and listen for the divine downloads that are always coming to and through you. If at all possible, say no to peopling these few days… even connecting virtually can provide you with energetic hitchhikers. Set some energetic boundaries and stick to ’em!

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When I started letting the Moon move me rather than pushing against her, a whole new level of connection opened up for me. I’m more in touch with my emotions without being dominated by them. I’m more understanding of the encounters I have. More forgiving. More in tune with nature and the natural state of grace we all have access to when we’re living in integrity with our fullest selves.

How will you Use Your Moons with me? What practices do you have for self-care while the Moon is in Cancer? (Or ever?)

I love hearing about what feels nurturing to you. 🙂

Comments are open just below!

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Much love,

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