Okay, seriously…

Be careful when you say something bold out loud, okay?
Case in point:
Tuesday night at Dan Tana’s, I boldly said to Brody that I would NOT be casting a film in September, since I must use the month to write the next book, due out November 15th.
Arrived via messenger today:
Feature film script with SEVENTY ROLES TO CAST.
See? Saying things out loud just never works out right! How am I supposed to say no to getting to cast 70 roles?!?
Good thing I don’t sleep. Maybe I can do both.

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  1. Aimercat August 27, 2005 at 3:52 pm

    1. You went to Tana’s and didn’t tell us?!? j/k
    2. SEVENTY?!?! Holy crapballs, Batgirl!
    3. well you know the routine here.
    4. Um, do you think mother nature could turn up the sauna a little? I was really hoping to use this whole stick of deodorant in a single week and well, I only have a few hours left to go.