So, the pinnacle is the top, right? Once you reach the top, you’re done. There’s nowhere else to go.

Er. Let’s ask Oprah.

Seriously. If you spend any time studying successful people (and I mean *really* successful people), you’ll find a common thread: They all want to go farther. They all still have goals. They all see the first big thing as just the first big thing. It’s that second big thing that means something. And it’s that third big thing that makes a difference.

studying success

As you’ve certainly read here, before, getting to the top of a mountain accomplishes ONE thing for sure: a better view of all the other mountains out there, still to climb.

So, knowing that, shouldn’t that settle you down about ANY of the immediate goals on your list? If you realize that you have years of climbing ahead of you, doesn’t that alleviate some of the stress related to achieving anything that’s on your wishlist, today?

I’m one of those annoying people who gives up on anything at which I’m not an “instant expert.” It’s why I don’t cook. I burn water. I’ve tried to cook. I’ve tried to bake. I’ve tried to cut up things and put them in a bowl and stir them up and serve them. Nope. I have no skill for kitchening. I’d rather pay someone to make something delicious for me to eat. 🙂 Because I can use my time doing things that I’m better at, comparatively. And frankly, I enjoy doing things I can ROCK. Cooking? Not on the list.

Let’s look at something that may be less “absolute” than the cooking thing. Let’s say writing. I write for actors. I have written (weekly) for actors, for pay, since 1999. That’s a LOT of writing for actors. And it wasn’t until around 2009 that I actually felt comfortable calling myself a writer.

Yup. I had written a kajillion things, including several books, and it wasn’t until I was forced by my then-agent to re-do my bio that I self-identified as a writer. Why?

Because all I can see from where I write is that I have a shitton more to write. I haven’t even gotten started. I have DECADES of this stuff still to do.

I’m on a mountaintop and seeing loads of other mountains around me. And I cannot wait to keep on climbin’.

How ’bout you? When you book your first co-star, be EXCITED that you have guest star roles to conquer, then series regular roles. When you book supporting roles, yes, be thrilled. And be poised to take on the principal roles. Be ready for the name-actor status that lies ahead. Oh, and if you’re prepping for red carpet action? Please be sure to read this amazing contribution from Helenna Santos Levy, at The Actors Voice: POV. There’s *so* much you can start doing, today.

And if you’re hoping for an audition, for the first time, in a hot-target office, don’t overthink it. Don’t turn it into that big a deal! When you GET that audition (which you will), that’s one of many hills you’ll climb. Seeing it as just that will (hopefully) help you climb it that much faster.


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