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Planetary Day: Saturday = Saturn Day

Starting at SUNRISE wherever you live, Saturday is Saturn’s day. It’s time to get back to basics with Daddy Saturn.

Today is about nothing extra. No frills. Foundational principles. Core strength. The scaffolding of the structure. A great day to declutter, prune, and keep it simple.

Do things that honor Saturn when you find yourself lacking structure, focus, or the ability to stick to a plan for the long haul. Following a budget, a timeline, or curriculum meant to support your best self is all Saturn’s jam. When you lack boundaries, Daddy Saturn is your best friend. Connect to him doing some simple — seriously simple — planetary remediation.

Chart Harmony is all about taking incredibly complex ancient astrological and numerological concepts and simplifying them into remedies to help you balance your love, abundance, and vitality with ease.

Here are just a few ways to embody the structure of Saturn on Saturday (or on any day, really… but especially during Saturn’s day).

~ Abstain from anything you love doing.
~ Fast or only sip bone broth and drink room-temperature water all day.
~ Lift weights.
~ Wear black.
~ Use no gadgets (or stay off technology altogether).
~ Engage with obsidian or onyx.
~ Take a vow of silence for the day.
~ Declutter (even a drawer will do).
~ Burn sandalwood or myrrh incense.
~ Take a walk without listening to music or a podcast.
~ Use cannabis (Saturn loves the plant’s multi-use efficiency).
~ Go to bed early.

How will you show respect for Saturn today?

Bonus points: Where is Saturn in your natal chart? That HOUSE will receive a sharpening of focus on Saturn’s day, especially if you’re being purposeful with your rituals.

Not sure which house hosts your natal Saturn? Check out my free training — What Your Birthday Says About Youhere! And if you’d like to join our free community for having these discussions on the daily, our Chart Harmony Discord is here. Come say hi!

Looking forward to learning all about your relationship with Daddy Saturn!


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