Best Quote Ever
Just saw this at WWdN and I love it. I had to share it. I can’t wait to use it about me.

I hung up the phone and ran around the house like a hummingbird being chased by a dog that shoots bees from its mouth.

Not Quite Geeky, But Trying
I set up a BlogRoll thingy and I have no idea whether I did it right. I did it because I’m OVER Rojo not telling me when feeds are failing and I also want a backup of my feeds for when Rojo isn’t accessible. But I’m so seriously NOT tech-savvy about feeds that I’m predicting failure.
Avoiding the Crazies
Day one of operating as a shut-in (which I declared I would become over on Somesuch after dealing with all of the batshit crazy people coming out of the woodwork so far this week) was a huge success, in that I was visited by the greatness that is FWA. I so love my cousin!
I’ve been having issues with my neck for over a month now. Well, that’s not true. A month ago, I had major neck pain (all muscle, all on one side). And now I have it again. So, some women have a menstrual cycle. I have a muscular cycle. And I’ve been taking Midol to try and ease the muscle pain because I figure, well, the drugs know where I’m cramping, right? Ugh.
When I DO Sleep
I keep having these recurring dreams that take place at school and involve things like forgetting my locker combination, showing up for final exams in classes I’ve skipped all semester long, not being able to find the classroom because they’ve renovated the school decades after I’ve been in it, etc. Does that ever stop? Will we still have school-anxiety dreams at 60? Just wonderin’.
So you LIKE the crazies?
Thank you, everyone, for the comments on the Decisions, Decisions post. (Hell, on all posts, really… because, like CoCo says, everybody loves comments!) I will do my best to craft an exotic, grippingly exciting tale that weaves the best of the most brilliant wonderful actors I encountered and the worst of the most bizarre freakshow actors who tried to “encounter” me this week and make sure that everyone is unidentifiable so that I don’t get in (more) trouble. Hmm. Maybe if I make them all real estate brokers or midwives or grocery baggers or something….
But then, really… you have to know they’re actors to just hit the BASELINE of what makes them so very… VERY.
Loves Me Some Office Supplies
Okay, so does everyone get as excited as I do about a new, real-wood, freshly sharpened, super-pointy number two pencil? No? Just me? Damn.
Countdown to GREATNESS
I am sooo freakin’ excited!!! T-minus 31 hours ’til Stick It!

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  1. Ed R April 27, 2006 at 9:15 am

    HI Bonnie!

  2. babes April 27, 2006 at 9:29 am

    First! (actually it’s impossible to claim first on your page because sometimes you think you’re first and you’re really like, eighth or something when you approve comments).
    I don’t get giddy for sharp pencils (I really only like pens, I can’t stand the sound of a pencil sharpening, like in those old school sharpeners. I like the electric ones, though, but I really don’t ever use a pencil.)
    And growing up I LOVED stores like Staples, they were like Candy Land to me, all the different colored paper and Post-Its and markers and report covers. Now they just remind me of…work. Blah!
    I’m sitting here in my cube, I have 2 weeks and 2 days left and it is TORTURE!

  3. Ellen April 27, 2006 at 9:29 am

    Oh God, I hate those school dreams. I have the one where I realize I haven’t been to class in forever — a lot. I also have a lot of “moving” dreams (I have to move to a new apartment, but I only have a day or two to pack everything up/no time to prepare) or airport dreams (running through the airport to catch a plane — or I can’t find my ticket because I lost it or left it at home — e-tix don’t seem to exist in my dreams…)

  4. Anna April 27, 2006 at 6:02 pm

    Dude!! I LOVE OFFICE SUPPLIES!! I love new notebooks and new pens, and I’m happy whenever I can fill them up. Problem is, I start to buy too many…but you MUST go to Target around September when all the school supplies that didn’t sell go on sale, and they have the cutest notebooks (not kitten Trapper Keepers, but kitschy spirals) and pens for dirt cheap. And I love using up a mechanical pencil.
    And I still have the same school anxiety dreams as you where I show up for the test, but I realize I didn’t go to the class all semester.

  5. Bon April 27, 2006 at 6:14 pm

    Babes, if you register a free TypeKey identity, you can claim first and OWN it. 😉 Only non-TypeKey comments have to be let through. Try it. You may like it!
    But still, no one will ever fight to be first in commenting at my blog like they do at KiKi Longpost’s blog. It’s just the way it is. Always a bridesmaid…
    I don’t usually get it up over pencils, but lately that’s my thing.
    Oh, and seriously, an office supply catalogue is like a porno mag for me. No joke. I am crazy in love with office supplies. I cannot be trusted in the stores anymore. Even the office supply aisle at the market is off-limits. My bank cut me off.
    I can’t wait for you to not have your awful job anymore. You’re going to return to your love of office supplies and have so much more time to write. Yay! Did you buy “Survival Jobs” yet? Great freelance ideas, in case you’re looking. Don’t know what you might have lined up already.
    Ellen, isn’t it bizarre? I do the school dreams and the airport dreams, mostly. This morning, it was the throwing a party dream. And everyone had to pay me $3. It was a two day party. And some guy came in first on the second day and gave me a check for $160. Odd.
    Anyway, I know they’re just anxiety burn-off dreams, I just wonder for HOW MANY YEARS after you’ve been in school you still have anxiety somewhere in your brain about school stuff! It’s crazy!
    Maybe you’ll get e-tickets in a dream eventually. I mean, somehow our subconcious has to learn about new technology, right?
    I need to reread “Creative Dreaming.” That’s the first book Keith ever bought for me and it’s great for teaching you how to do lucid dreaming and steer the outcome, etc. Fascinating stuff.
    Cheers, all! Even you, Ed. :

  6. Bon April 27, 2006 at 6:37 pm

    You were commenting while I was commenting!
    Okay, so I’m ALL ABOUT the close-outs after school starts. Ack! Amazing stuff!
    And I loooooove my mechanical pencil. Holy crap.
    But what I love the MOST are my Pilot Varsity pens, which they don’t sell in stores anymore (holy hell, it’s like my addiction to the Swingline Tot 50 isn’t it? I keep falling for these things that leave stores and I have to buy ’em online) and I won’t even let ANYONE else use them! They’re disposable fountain pens, so if anyone else writes with them, they have a slant that screws up the ink flow for me. 😉
    But I’m really bad about giving good sandbox where my office supplies are concerned.
    Share your toys, yes. Share my office supplies? NEVER.
    Re: the dream thing… is it weird that I always find a way to NOT take the test, even though I’m trying to show up for it, after having missed the whole semester?
    Do you ever take the test?

  7. babes April 27, 2006 at 7:34 pm

    My favorite pen right now is Pilot Precise V5 extra fine roller ball (black). My plan is to one day have obnoxious college drama-literary-types buy that pen (just because it is “my” pen) and make their less in-the-know classmates feel inferior. And then have those classmates use their inferiority complex and kick their obnoxious classmates asses by becoming famous without the use of my pen.
    Wow I have quite elaborate, spontaneous fantasies.
    And re: school dreams, for YEARS after high school it was always my high school French class I was unprepared for (which I often was). Then at a certain point it became History, and I haven’t had that dream in a while but it is always with my high school History teacher. And I always wondered WHAT HAPPENED IN MY BRAIN/LIFE to make it switch from French to History!?

  8. Ed R April 27, 2006 at 8:37 pm

    Yay! I got noticed!
    I need a cop of ‘Survival Jobs’, I think.

  9. Hal April 28, 2006 at 12:03 am


  10. DebC April 29, 2006 at 1:17 am

    I LOOOOVED the “Ramblings” post.
    I don’t have those school dreams…but out of curiosity did a little poking around and found an interesting website with lots of “reasons why”, and then found a forum where everyone was having these dreams — and some of them posted their age at 46, and some (because of what they happened to say) sounded as though they may be older. So, for your enjoyment.
    Now….for a rambling of my own:
    the wit and wisdom of Homer J. Simpson … “What kind of fool would leave a pie on a windowsill, anyway?”
    And excuse me…but what is THIS??? (any physics majors out there?)
    Oooooooooh some fun tests for Bonnie.
    This is me:
    You’re the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad!
    Daring, risk-taking, and just the slightest bit dangerous, you
    have a bold sense of adventure. Unfortunately, you don’t really get an
    opportunity to pursue real adventure, so you have to settle for the depths
    of your imagination. It’s a lively imagination, and one that captivates
    countless people around you, but sometimes they tire of waiting for you. On
    occasion, you’ve been known to say “Matterhorn Shmatterhorn”.
    Take the Trains and Railroads Quiz
    at RMI Miniature Railroads.
    This was me:
    oops – I can’t get the coding to work. Oh well…
    Anyway, I was William Wallace (remember Mel Gibson in the movie?) But when I re-took the test to try to get the coding again, on the second time through I was Lara Croft — don’t know WHAT I did differently.
    Have fun!
    And Sorry — you inspired me….:-)

  11. DebC April 29, 2006 at 1:22 am

    Oh! Oh! Oh! And I FORGOT!!
    I don’t really use them very often any more, but I love the “feel” of writing with a wooden pencil, and I love the “scent” when sharpening one in an old-fashioned hand-grind sharpener. 🙂
    I LOOOve other supplies, like those little sticky colored arrows to place on important things to remember or paragraphs to point out, etc.
    And Post-Its (aka sticky notes), and note pads, and my mechanical pencil which I cannot live without, and interesting ball-point pens (Jack loooooooooves pens — practically collects them!!)
    And unusual items tht one can sometimes find – yes!

  12. DebC April 29, 2006 at 1:28 am

    Well….sorry —I think I posted the wrong link or at least not the “best” link to forum about dreams. And now that I’ve posted, I can’t check which one it was that I wrote. But I think THIS is the one I left out.


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