I am the author of Self-Management for Actors, a book that was first published in 2003 and that has since become a college textbook, landed on the Tom Cruise actor resource list, had courses created *based* on its principles, and been lauded as one of the “best book for actors ever written.”


This book is amazing and with the changes that have happened in our beloved industry in the five years since the 3rd edition was published, the new 4th edition is set to be the most exciting, revolutionary, actor-empowering version of SMFA yet!

If it exists.

Well… let me be less dramatic. The 4th edition of Self-Management for Actors will exist, regardless, but it’ll only be an eBook unless you help.

Not to sound like a PBS pledge break, but for the commitment of $25 (less than the price of the book), you receive the physical book (including shipping, right to you), an MP3 exclusive to SMFA4 backers only, and the eBook version of SMFA4 as well. Holy cats… that’s good stuff!

Here’s the link.


Go. If my work has ever made a difference in your life, please, check this out and even if you don’t throw a few bucks in the bucket, share the link. Somewhere in your life, there’s an artist who can benefit from the principles of Self-Management for Actors. Please let them know that NOW is the time.

The value of having the physical book on the shelf in a random bookstore, available in the departmental library at colleges around the world, and in the hands of the future leaders of this business cannot be understated.

Do I wish I’d not had to use my life’s savings (far more than what it costs to print the book) earlier this year for multiple surgeries (with another to come before year-end)? You betcha. For MANY reasons. But life happens. I’m an artist just like you. And I want to keep creating. I’ll do so whether you’re able to chip in or not. It just changes the format. I couldn’t let the in-print version of Self-Management for Actors die without at least trying everything I could try!

So… here’s my try.

THANK YOU for spreading the word. We can do this! I am writing the new edition with a thank you in my heart for each and every one of you (and for all those who’ve not yet encountered SMFA but whose lives will be changed because of it).

SHARE THIS LINK: https://igg.me/at/SMFA4. Thank you.

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