Thanksgiving Quiz

Well, it’s not a Thanksgiving Quiz really. It’s a “Bon woke up at 2am after having tried to go to sleep at a normal hour and she was bored bored bored and not at all interested in working *gasp* so she found an old quiz she’d saved from her niece Tiffany and is finally going to post her answers to the dang thing because, really, it’s just been a way long time since she’s done a quiz or a blog entry” quiz. Is that a better title for it?

1.) Where were you when the ball dropped for 2006?
Big Bad Bobby C‘s house. (Make sure you watch his new show, premiering Monday on TBS.)
2.) How did you get the idea for your MySpace name?
Bon is the basic nickname I’ve always had. *shrug* Not terribly creative, I know.
3) What are you listening to right now?
Watching old Law & Order episodes back to back on TNT. Listening to that, plus the waterfall kitty water thingy in the kitchen, Keith’s frankenputer whirring.
4.) Has the death of a celebrity ever made you cry?
5.) What color underwear are you wearing?
Heh heh… animal print of some sort. I know, I’m such a pornstar.
6.) Do you live in a zoo?
7.) What did you do this morning?
Woke up late, took phone calls from agents and managers, worked on the early offers we put out for Broken Windows, and continued list-updating for this early stage of casting.
8.) What did your mom do for a living?
Charlsie was a world-renowned astrologer.

9.) Where do you work?
From my home.
10.) Are you happy?
11.) What are the last two digits of your phone number?
12.) What was the last concert you attended?
Pixies at The Greek.
13.) Who was with you?
14.) What was the last movie you watched?
Hmm… probably What the Bleep?!?, but I’m not sure.
15.) What do you dislike at the moment?
The clutter in my home.
16.) What food do you crave right now?
Chocolate, probably. (Although that stuffing looks reallllly good… damn gluten!)

17.) Did you dream last night?
18.) What was the last TV show you watched?
Law & Order.
19.) What is your favorite piece of jewelry?
My mother’s (first) wedding band.
20.) Name someone on your Top 8 who is just like like you.
Who the heck is in my Top Friends right now? Hmm… I change it every week in honor of birthdays, so I’d have to check. Let’s say my book and Hollywood Happy Hour are most like me. 😉
21.) What is the last thing you ate?
Cheddar cheese “chips” and homemade guacamole.
22.) Who is your best friend of the opposite sex?
23.) Who last IMed you?
I don’t do the IM.
24.) Are you on any medication?

25.) What side of the bed do you sleep on?
The side closest to the door. Always.
26.) What color shirt are you wearing?
Black tank top. I’m cold.
27.) What color is your razor?
Lavender and white.
28.) Who is your favorite boy?
29.) How many tattoos/piercings do you have?
Two tattoos. Two piercings.
30.) What are your favorite stores?
The Apple Store, MAC Cosmetics, Body Shop, IKEA.
31.) Are you thirsty right now?
No, but I really should drink something.
32.) Can you imagine yourself ever getting married?
I can remember it. 😉

33.) Who’s someone you haven’t seen in a while and miss?
Mitchell Fink and Pamela Newlands have really been on my mind lately. Missing them.
34.) What did you do last night?
Wednesday night? Went to bed early and snuggled with Keith.
35.) Do you care what people think about you?
Sure, sometimes. Doesn’t mean that “care” changes what I do or how I act.
36.) Have you ever done something to instigate trouble?
Oh, yes.
37.) Do you like your nose?
Yeah, since I grew into it at about 19.
38.) What color is your bedroom?
Lots of yellow, deep red, and rust/brown accents.
39.) When was the last time you worked out?
Some would say living with Keith is a workout.
40.) Do you have any pets?
Three cats.

41.) Do you like pedicures?
42.) Where do you live?
By the beach, baby.
43.) Are you an aggressive driver?
Never. Life’s too short. And my Do Not Eat iPod is a great driving companion. (And I’m obsessed with being early, so I’m never in any big hurry to get anywhere. That helps.)
44.) Who is your cell phone carrier?
Cingular. But I only use the “phone” for email.
45.) What color is your car?
46.) What is your favorite color?
Yellow lately.
47.) Do you like mustard?
Sure, Dijon mustard.
48.) What do you tell yourself when times get hard?
Life is not about what happens to you. It’s about the grace with which you handle it.

49.) Would you ever sky dive?
50.) What character from a movie/TV most reminds you of yourself?
51.) Have you ever bid for something on eBay?
52.) What do you think of Angelina Jolie?
She’s gorgeous. And she’s the one actor Keith will never be allowed to act opposite. Sorry, just playing the odds on that one.
53.) Do you enjoy giving hugs?
LOVE hugs. The world needs more of them.
54.) Would you consider yourself to be fashionable?
Lord, no. I am so my mother’s daughter in that respect. I find something that I think looks good on me and buy about ten of IT, so that I can wear it all the time. Boring boring boring.
55.) Do you own a digital camera?
Yup. My dad and SM gave me their old one in December 2000. Yes, that’s still the one I use. Yes, it weighs more than my computer.
56.) What celebrities have you been compared to?
Bette Midler, Barbra Streisand, Sara Jessica Parker, Annette O’Toole… more listed at my Little Known Facts page (which hasn’t been updated in like forever).

57.) Who is your favorite Star Wars character?
58.) Does it annoy you when someone says “I’ll call” but never do?
Nope. I hate the phone.
59.) What books, if any, have made you cry?
Oh, the Places You’ll Go! because Mom gave me a copy when I was in undergrad and wrote love notes to me all through it.
60.) Where would you rather be right now?
La Costa Spa. Hawaii. Copperwynd. Catalina.
61.) Are you a jealous person?
Not even a little bit.
62.) Do you ever feel guilty after eating meat?
Good lord, no. Meat is yummy. Especially when it’s all buttery and stuff.
63.) If you were born the opposite sex, what would your name be?
Mom always said there was no chance I was going to be born a male, so she never even contemplated male names. I truly believe, had I been born a male, that Mom would’ve authorized a radical operation. She was so OVER her sons at the time.
64.) What’s your favorite fruit?
Crisp Granny Smith apples. Yum!
65.) Did you enjoy this survey?
Well, sure!

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  1. suesietoole November 25, 2006 at 6:01 pm

    thanks – this is great! hope you and keith are great – happy holiday’s….hope we can get together over the next month +….shannon will be home around the 19th and rick gets in the 20th….have friends in and out during the holiday weeks, but let’s do try – would love for us all to see each other again….promise k’s new headshots coming – we are now going back and forth about getting new ones – seems this 13th year has so many “looks a changin'” so may just end up getting new ones when we do our family photo!!! love you, though…never forget that!!! xoxoxo suesie and the toole’s


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