Son of a FUCK!

Sorry, but I’ve got to rant!

I did my top-of-the-month backup of my computer’s guts and somehow did an overwrite of last month’s backup (which ordinarily wouldn’t be an issue except that last month was when I did the BIG purge-of-years’-old-emails backup that then ONLY existed as text files in that May 1st backup).

So, now — just like when Keith first came over in August 2001 and tossed out my “old” Netscape Mail profile thereby losing all of my last few years’ of Mom’s emails — I’ve lost a buttload of archived stuff that may or may not be important. Because how can you know? It’s not ’til you have that moment when you think, “Oooh! I have that email! Let me look that up,” that you decide it’s all gone, gone, gone and it’s now over, over, over (at least in the absolute proof sense). But I am now prepping myself for the for sure-ness that it’s gone, no matter how important it might be.

It’s over. The 1’s and 0’s are no more. Big fat suckola.

And so what?

That’s the bigger question. I mean, what does it matter if that stuff is gone any more than it matters that a box of my favorite books got destroyed in a flood or a box of my old love letters got destroyed in a fire? It’s all a reminder of the bigger point: today, I am this. And that’s it!

Ah, well… life is bigger than what my backup drive can contain. And if it all goes away, it doesn’t diminish my value.

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