Halfway between the New Moon and the Full Moon, we have the First-Quarter Moon. Right after that New Moon, the light begins to build. Remember, the Moon itself has no light of her own; she’s reflecting BACK what the Sun is revealing. This is why the Moon requires downtime, darkness, no peopling… she gets quite a workout holding space for all of the Sun’s righteous fire.

Chart Harmony with the First Quarter Moon

At the First-Quarter phase, the Moon has built up energy she’s READY to show off. She is pushing against the Sun (their relationship is an astrological aspect called a square, which is all about the pressure of pushing against CREATING something new; think a diamond out of coal) and there’s a bit of striving to succeed, when it comes to the collective vibe.

This is a good time to schedule things that require you to shine at what you’re good at… in service of what needs to shine MORE. Think “fairy godmother” energy. Think stage manager who rocks under pressure. Think Beyoncé’s team of stylists during a concert.

Growth is pretty evident during this phase, but it’s not only yours. That space you made for this growth during the Crescent Moon is being filled up now. And we’re just getting started!

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BONUS: Were you born under a First-Quarter Moon like me? (You can find out using Astro-Seek’s calculator.) Being born under a First-Quarter Moon can give your personality an active, problem-solving, growth-focused vibe. You succeed despite challenges and you master the struggle (it doesn’t scare you).

BONUS-BONUS: If you’re in a First-Quarter Moon phase by 2ndary progression, it’s a time of putting in the work and getting results from your action-taking. No holding back! Let’s DO this!

Pop in the comments below what the First-Quarter Moon phase means to you. I’d love to get to know you better through la luna. 🌙

So much love flowing your way!

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