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Planetary Day: Wednesday = Mercury Day

Starting at SUNRISE wherever you live, Wednesday is Mercury’s day. Get ready to Air sign it out!

On this day, you’ll feel chattier than usual (and everyone else will too). Great day to hold a meeting in which you WANT everyone to participate. Fabulous for the writers room vibe! Mercury loves to change directions and keep things moving, constantly. So get ready to multitask, go off on tangents, change your mind, and swirl around energetically (for better or for worse).

Do things that honor Mercury when you feel creatively blocked, stuck in a rut, or fixated on how things ARE vs. how they can be. Mercury Chart Harmony will help you communicate, promote, livestream, blog, vlog, tweet, write, speak, discuss, engage, work out details, create music, run lines, and get all the little details dealt with too.

Chart Harmony is all about taking incredibly complex ancient astrological and numerological concepts and simplifying them into remedies to help you balance your love, abundance, and vitality with ease.

Here are just a few ways to call in the multitasking magic of Mercury on Wednesday (or any day, really… but especially during Mercury’s day).

~ Wear stripes or patterns, especially ones that don’t match one another.
~ Eat fast-to-prepare meals that keep you peppy.
~ Drink caffeinated beverages.
~ Dance around fast.
~ Set a timer to do work sprints of 20 minutes, followed by physical activity that gets your blood circulating well.
~ Chant.
~ Do breathwork.
~ Move around and gesture with your hands as you talk on the phone.
~ Take an online class.
~ Send emails.
~ When in doubt, Air sign it out!

How will you honor Mercury today?

Bonus points: Where is Mercury in your natal chart? That HOUSE will receive a boost of energy on Mercury’s day, especially if you’re being purposeful with your rituals.

Not sure which house hosts your Mercury? Check out my free training — What Your Birthday Says About Youhere! And if you’d like to join our free community for having these discussions on the daily, our Chart Harmony Discord is here. Come say hi!

Excited to hear how you’re connecting with Mercury today!

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