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Let’s do some loglines for the planets! 🙂

Reminder: If you’ve not yet mapped out your chart, create one here at Astro (if that link doesn’t take you directly there, choose to create a natal chart drawing from the extensive Free Horoscopes menu at the main page). You will need to have handy your place and time of birth.

What you’re going to consider is which sign each planet is in. We’re great at reading horoscopes, but that only takes our sun into consideration. That’s the basic stuff. (You’ll note, I’ve included sun, rising, and moon in the planetary round-up below.) Planets “rule” certain traits and life lessons, which means it’s super cool to learn which planets are comfy-cozy in our charts and which ones are plopped down in places they don’t so much like to be.

You’ve probably heard me tell the story about how I’d come home crying, picked on by bullies in school, and my mom the astrologer would never say the usual, “Oh honey, they’re just jealous.” Instead, she would say, “Now Bonnie, you know your Venus is afflicted in Leo.”

This allowed me to learn what lessons a “Venus in Leo” might be trying to teach me. I could look at the cross section of all things I can learn about the planet Venus and all the things I know about the sign Leo. Got it! FAR less stress in my life when I can have something push up against my values and how I want to be valued by others and recognize that’s an ego flare perfectly typical of our prideful lion!

Okay, so of course we’ll dive more into this during our monthly Zoom sesh (you’ve registered, right? Be sure to hit the DOJO to do that now if you’ve not yet made it happen), but for now, here’s a TL;DR for each planet so you can begin to map out some deeper-than-a-horoscope info about yourself and others.

Your Sun

This is the architecture of the house that is you. The bones of your structure. Your ego, your essence, your identity. You set goals from your sun and your self-concept emanates from this sign.

Your Rising

This is how you decorate the house that is you. It’s your hair and skin and nails. Your presence, how you experience the world around you, and how you handle the day-to-day of being you.

Your Moon

This is the type of gathering you throw inside the structure that is you. It’s how you respond to the outer world via interpretations made in your inner world. Want to understand your needs, your habits, your instincts? Check your moon!


This is your communications hub. It’s how you learn, speak, and think. Wanna understand the state of your to-do list, check Mercury. Mercury rules language, logic, technology, and the exchange of ideas and information.


This is where you hold your values and how you want to be valued by others. This is the center of love and beauty, money and desires. Here’s where harmony in relationships gets sorted out and of course your love language has everything to do with what sign is in Venus.


This is the way you get what you want. The center of action, aggression, motivation, and independence lives here. Your fight-flight-or-flee response comes from whatever sign Mars is in. How direct you are — especially about things you’re passionate about — gets fired up here.


This is where your beliefs live. Your faith, how abundance shows up for you, your search for meaning, and your center for growth are headquartered in Jupiter. This is also how you get lucky. Align whatever sign lives here for your most evolved, expanded, prosperous self.


This is your life’s big lesson. It’s what you fear, which ultimately will become your greatest gift. Issues with authority figures, boundaries, and resistance all hang out here. How accountable you are for your commitments and how much integrity you bring to all that you do have everything to do with what sign Saturn hangs out in.


This is where you do you! It’s rebellious, unique, filled with innovation and pure genius if the sign it’s in likes all that shock value. At its most extreme, Uranus is how you pervert reality or create a revolution. For most, it’s how we honor our own brand of “weird.” It’s how we’re most free.


This is where your intuition, imagination, and most tapped-in, tuned-in, turned-on self lives. Depending on the sign, there can be some major escapism going on in Neptune (like addiction, championing the struggle, living in a fantasy). If your blindspots are gonna show, it’ll be in somewhat deceptive Neptune. Your subconscious yearnings and your connection with other worlds sit here.


This is what you most need to heal. The planet of transformation, rebirth, and opportunities to claim personal power, Pluto is all about a catharsis stemming from fate. This is where your life will destroy what is unnecessary and expose what’s been behind the persona, once and for all.


Got all that?

I know… it’s a lot. And it’s just the tippy-top of the iceberg.

So looking forward to what you’ll do with all this goodness! Remember, comments are cookin’ in the dojo ’til this month’s Zoom (and beyond). ’til then, stay inspired and love on yourself a bit more today!

All my love,

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