Awesomeosity in a Bottle

You know that feeling you sometimes have? That feeling of, “I freakin’ ROCK!”

I love that feeling. I wish it came over me more often. Because when it does, I cannot be stopped. I am awesome.

Well, a little over a week ago, I was talking with these fantastic, inspiring actors that I’m working with. We were talking about fear. About blocks. About letting unsafe people into our sacred circle. About feeling less than. And how to fix that.

And then I shared my tip. And now I’m going to share it with you. It’s called “Awesomeosity in a Bottle.”


Just visualize your perfect bottle. It doesn’t have to be large. But it overflows with your awesomeosity, and when you’re in need, you just grab it from the shelf (or from the cord you keep it on, around your neck) and uncork it. Sniff from it. Drink in your awesomeosity right then and there and let it wash all through you, inside and out.

We all know we’ve been there. We all know we have moments of being so filled with self-assuredness and self-love that it borders on the narcissistic. It feels so good but it is so very out of reach when we’re low. Not anymore.

Grab your Awesomeosity in a Bottle whenever you need it. This is a powerful tip. And you are awesome.

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