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Perspective… SHINING

Have you seen the classic “horror masterpiece” that brought Stephen King, Stanley Kubrick, and Jack Nicholson together with REDRUM and more disturbing images than we’d like to recall? Yeah. Creepy stuff, even 30 years later. Or is it so creepy? For those who love to say “it’s all about the editing,” I’ll agree with you, on this one. Click the hot button below to discover the feel-good movie of the summer…

S H I N I N G !

Look how far I've come!

How Close You Came vs. How Far You Got

Ever hear actors complain about getting released from avail, being “rejected” after final callbacks, sitting in a waiting room with a dozen “competitors”? *sigh* That frustrates me. It’s a choice of focus that is not serving you! I see this industry as a series of progressive bits of inclusion, not exclusion, because I focus on how far we got, not how close we came. When you consider that there are thousands of submissions on every role, getting called in means you made it past thousands of other actors. If dozens of actors are seen, getting called back means you made it past dozens of other actors. Sure, getting released from avail may not feel great, but when you focus on the fact that you made it past thousands of people who WISH they had come that close, it should feel pretty dang good. Further, it’s a sign that you’re right there, all around the bullseye. Nah, maybe your dart didn’t “stick,” but it hit mighty close… and next time, yours may be the dart that knocks out another. Point is, you’re on the board… and you’re always getting closer. You may not realize the great distance you’ve traveled when you’re hurting over NOT booking, but that’s a choice. Try to choose looking back at allll that ground you’ve covered to get to HERE. Feels pretty good, huh?

Bonnie Gillespie by Chari Pere

Images ©2011, Chari Pere

Bon and SMFA Worldwide

In ten days, I’m headed to Chicago, New York, and Toronto with the touring SMFA Seminars! Details on those events (and events in SEVEN new cities we’ve just announced) will hit inboxes soon for those who have selected to hear about tours HERE ONLY. Looking forward to working with y’all, worldwide! Yay!

Get A-Listed

We’re still tweaking, but soon we’ll open the site for Get A-Listed, the new web-based 12-week Self-Management for Actors Seminar. On your own schedule, from your own home… a tier-jump just waiting for you to LEAP! *squeeeee* Get on the list for founding member notification HERE.

Psst! CastingAbout has a free event in LA on September 19th. Follow them on Twitter for updates!

Hollywood Happy Hour

Are you a member of Hollywood Happy Hour? This Yahoo Group is a collection of over 2400 fine folks who love to come together and share resources, discuss issues, and support one another in this biz. Join our cool community today!

Hollywood Wiretap

A new favorite resource for skimming Hollywood headlines came from CD Caroline Liem. It’s called Hollywood Wiretap, and if you click on the “daily news email” box at their site, you’ll get headlines and links in your inbox! Handy!


Bonnie Gillespie is living her dreams by helping others figure out how to live theirs. Wanna work with Bon? Start here. Thanks!

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