Building an Actor Fanbase on YouTube While Staying On-Brand

Hi Bonnie,

I have a question that I’d really love your advice on.

I’m going to start creating my own content on YouTube, but I’m torn between creating a channel which caters towards fashion, beauty, and acting on a playlist within the channel, OR just specifically acting.

I have found that a large audience on YouTube are there to see fashion and beauty tutorials, and I have a passion for that as well. I also think I could build a larger audience with these videos; however, I don’t want to get non-specific, and stray away from acting.

I’m very interested in hearing your opinion! 🙂


We’re pretty much always building up a fanbase, however we choose to do it.

As long as vids on fashion and beauty fit under your brand umbrella, you don’t risk confusing the buyers (of your acting work) about who you are and about what it is that you bullseye.

If, however, you bullseye “tomboy” or “plain Jane,” unless your vids on fashion and beauty are clunky and ironic and filled with *smh*-level NON-tips, you absolutely could confuse the buyers (of your acting work) about what it is they are to expect of you, in the room and on the set.

So, ask yourself whether the vids you’d like to create HELP cement your brand in the minds of the buyers or HURT that goal.

Absolutely, eyeballs are eyeballs and it’s always fascinating to me when a VERY successful athlete or musician (speaking of some of my private coaching clients, specifically, here) tries to divorce himself or herself from an existing fanbase when shifting over to a pursuit of acting.

IF the brand thruline endures across pursuits, there’s no reason to toss out a rabid fanbase that grew from a non-acting pursuit.

Similarly, there’s no reason to NOT launch a potentially high-traffic vlog as long as it works to cement your brand message. Those fans of your tips and tutorials will be just as eager to see you embody a character on a popular episodic someday! And the buyers know that. 😉

Woo hoo! Ninja on!

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