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Today we’re gonna chat about a nuance to your targeting work. (I have a LOT to say about targeting; take a deep dive if this is new to you.)

There are three elements to consider when deciding a show is a target. (We always start with a *show* — where the data gets clearer faster — and then when you’ve built up a muscle for your targeting homework, you can expand this work to feature films, pilots, commercials, even plays! And then of course all this leads to targeting your hell-yes rep!)

The three elements are tier, type, and vibe.

Tier: Does the show regularly cast actors of my tier (or just a hair above it)? (New to tiers? I’ve gotchoo.)

Type: Do actors of my type regularly show up in roles that actors of my tier are taking on? (Don’t know your most castable brand? Um… join us for some FREE training that will rock your world.)

Vibe: Every show exists in a *world*. There’s a vibe to it. There’s a feel to the network it’s on. There’s an environment, a culture, a texture to all of its marketing. (THE SAME IS TRUE ABOUT YOU, DEAR.)

Do these things line up?
All three of them?
When you do the targeting homework, you’re finding actors of your tier, type, and vibe regularly booking work on this show?

If so, that’s a mighty fine target!

If any of those items is askew (like, type and vibe line up beautifully, but no one OF your type and vibe really books ’til they’re at a much higher tier — y’know, like you’re way too good-looking to be a co-star in a CW world because you’d distract from the leads, so… you’ve gotta build up credits elsewhere before this show is aligned with your tier), find a better target.

No matter how badly you want to be on that show.

Find a target for which all three elements align. Otherwise, you’re just signing up for frustration.

Yes, this is precision work, but the homework you put into this research is worth it!

Because for every 1000 actors who are slinging spaghetti at the wall and hoping something will stick with their submissions, there is ONE ninja who will *actually* put in this work.


Their methodology will ultimately fail them, even if a noodle sticks now and then.
Your methodology? It’ll align you with buyers who perceive you as a solution.

And when you’re out there solving PROBLEMS for a living? Word gets out. You become a booking machine.

So, let’s have at it, shall we?

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Got any questions for me about your tier, type, and vibe?

Pop ’em in the comments just below or come jam with us in the SMFA Ninjas Facebook group! 🙂 We love going deeper with this work!

All my love,

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  1. Avatar Corinne Meadors December 11, 2018 at 6:59 am

    Thank you Bonnie! You’re like a sun in the acting world that never sets, shining your light and sharing your info!


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