A year ago, I was walking home by way of Reed Park after Pilates classes, some of my 5 to 8 pole or Pilates classes per week.

This was before my hip presented a “catch” that I — right then — identified as an upper-limit problem. 😬

See, when you’re an artist, you buy into certain stories growing up. Some of mine included, “Artists are addicts,” “Creatives can’t make a living,” and of course, “Your body becomes a target for attack if it is attractive and fit.”

That last one of course is not an artist story but instead one of a rape survivor. Which folds into another story from my brother: “Stop playing the victim. We’ve all had bad things happen and don’t have to TALK about it. You’re too sensitive!” 🙄

So. When I not only stay open about my life but actually build an empire on it, that success — especially when combined with losing 60 pounds (hey, Whole30 💪🏽💥💃🏽) and getting sober — became a whole bunch of story-overturning all at once. 💰🎯💯

And 2018 has been the year of slowing down, going inward, doing deep inner work, and reaching far beyond the sensations I’d ever paid attention to before.

From this work, I’ve learned that overturning long-standing family stories is confronting. As Abraham-Hicks says, we have two choices: change our desires to match our beliefs or change our beliefs to match our desires. 🔮💫💗

What stories (beliefs) are in the way of your next-tier goals?

Get ’em wrangled before they present themselves just as all that success you’ve been building toward starts showing up.


We’re doing this work in Expansive Capacity right now.

And as I walked home from my private Pilates sesh early this morning through the tennis courts at Reed, I snapped this photo as a reminder that perspective is everything… and we can always choose to change ours to match our every vision for what’s possible in our lives.

🧘🏽‍♀️💫🦋 And beyond….

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