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Lessons from Star Magazine

Okay, so less than two weeks ago, I was contacted by a reporter from Star who wanted to use me as an attributed source for a story about actors who get too thin to be…

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I know I’ve already mentioned how much I love love love Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip, but I have to say it again. I love love love Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. What…

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Um, can anyone out there who subscribes to Star Magazine let me know when a particular issue comes out? I’m looking for one (maybe as early as next week) in which Hollywood casting directors talk…

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This town is… odd. It’s complex. It’s very, very interesting. Yeah. Let’s say that. I mean… I guess it’s nothing surprising in this town that someone who, three years ago, made it VERY clear that…

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Equal Opportunity

Visit Dot Comedy and support Equal Opportunity (starring my friends Assaf and Camille). Camille says: The film is only 6:30 including the (fun) credits which are probably half the film. Please vote for your favorites…

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LonelyGirl15 Exposed

I’m sure most visitors to the BonBlogs have already seen this news (or figured it out before the official word came down today), but the latest attempt at cyber-marketing (ala The Blair Witch Project or…

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So Unnecessary

Seriously. Why why why would this be an important edit to the original photo? (From LA Observed: Maybe it’s just me, but she looks more credible already.) Man, this world is so effed up sometimes.

So Cute

I have been trying to post this entry for like 12 hours. (But it’s been a way busy day, strangely.) So, I woke Keith up at 6:30am (after having paced the floors for like an…

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