December 2023 Chart Harmony Calendar notes from Bon:

So… we round out 2023 (a 7 year, numerologically — a year of cocooning, building courage, and gaining strength for the 8 year of 2024, when the butterfly emerges and takes flight) with a lot of action in the woo weather. Neptune and Jupiter ending their retrograde illusion and Mercury going retrograde to add some delays, confusion, and miscommunication to a fiery Sagittarius season. Okay!

Lots of opportunity to remind ourselves to stay centered, to focus on what we have control over, and to release what’s out of our hands. Yes, take action on things we’re passionate about! Especially on ORANGE days. PINK days are great for making things happen too. But really allow yourself S P A C E on those BLUE and BLACK days especially. Take your T I M E on GREEN days too.

I hope you’ll be able to join me on December 16th at 11am PST for my year-end webinar going over all the highlights of the astrology and numerology of the year ahead! It’s free! [Available on-demand NOW!]

With Mercury showing off their retrograde illusion most of the month, be sure to double-check all the details and try not to initiate anything too important (that energy of confusion will be baked into it). To help your communication feel supported, keep citrine or turquoise as a touchstone. To make the most of the money-focused GREEN days this month, light a green candle as you sip a little green tea. Create a ceremony out of this abundance-attracting ritual!

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See you on the inside,

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