January 2024 Chart Harmony Calendar notes from Bon:

The big news for January 2024 woo weather is that we’ve now all shifted into a collective 8 year, numerologically. That gives the whole year an energetic signature of the butterfly emerging, stretching her wings, taking flight for the first time after a year spent in the cocoon, transforming herself. Whatever YOUR number for 2024 is, there will be a powerful shift thanks to this move.

We’ve got a good mix of all the Chart Harmony colors this month, so I’ve left quite a few of the days without a “winner,” color-wise. That gives you the opportunity to decide which days look like they’re bringing you the vibe you need to do the things you want to do this month.

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This month’s contrast ramps up as we enter Aquarius season, so expect a slow and steady, head down, get your work done energy ’til the 19th. Onward from there, we get a swirl of activity that may ask us to slow things down with intention… OR get whipped up WITH the energy. No wrong choice… just one more receptive and one more active. As always, when we *mindfully* choose how we want to feel, we can create the reality we want for ourselves. Yay!

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See you on the inside,

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