March 2024 Chart Harmony Calendar notes from Bon:

March looks a little easygoing, going in. Yeah… it’s a lovely end to Pisces season and then a dramatic turn of energy once Aries season starts up March 19th. The shift from the Water element to Fire element is one of the more jarring ones we make, astrologically. And this is also the reset of the astrological year!

Chiron is a bit more active this month thanks to Mercury’s visits with it. More convos about healing… and we all have different relationships with that practice. Lean into the PINK Chart Harmony remedies for help boosting your communication skills. For deep healing, the BLUE and BLACK vibes are the ones to embrace.

The big ticket item on the March calendar is the first eclipse of the year, a rather gnarly one happening in the wee hours on the 25th of March. As always with eclipses, no ritual work. No cleaning your crystals. No spells. Just keep it way simple, focus on gratitude, protect the parts of the body ruled by Libra (anything there’s 2 of in the bod, especially kidneys), and REST. (Don’t forget the bubblewrap!)

Your best bet for weathering bumpy woo weather is keeping it simple. Come back to what matters. Let other people’s “urgent” label be less relevant to you and how you build your schedule. As for me, I’m still living in the creative cave building the first-ever custom plan•it planners. Check ’em out if you’d like to have my support dialed into your exact birth settings as you live out the next year (we have seasonal sessions and a private Discord space too). Stay calm, y’all!

Want your own color-coded look at the month ahead? Subscribe to my Chart Harmony Calendar here! Grab it then come on over to our Chart Harmony Discord server to chat about the woo weather and how it’s gonna feel for you.

See you on the inside,

You don’t have to understand astrology; you just need Chart Harmony! Let Bonnie Gillespie get you started, here.

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