“I see you shiver with antici…


Let’s be honest, we all love solving a puzzle, completing a thought, “yes, and…”-ing a great lead-in.

Connecting the dots is FUN.

Yet for some reason, I regularly see artists spoonfeeding buyers in ways that rob those agents, managers, casting directors, producers, directors, writers, and other creatives of the delicious opportunity to CONNECT.

Think about places where you may be inadvertently taking away the power of connection.

You may not mean to do this, but MAN do I see it happening way too much.

Look for it in your materials. In your language.

In cover letters.
In bios.
In pitches.
In social media “about me” blurbs.
In networking convos.

If you *always* hear, “You remind me of so-and-so…” then you needn’t EVER tell us you’re a so-and-so TYPE. Let us say it. (Not only is this good advice for the “yes, and…” of it but also for all the scandal-related reasons.)

If you are *always* told you belong in the universe of so-and-so on screen, your telling us, “I’d love to be cast in the latest so-and-so project” is to make us feel as if we’re too stupid to see the obvious: that you belong in that world. Duh.

If you’re always connecting the DOTS for us, if you fill it all in for every agent or manager or casting director you meet with, welp, you either turn off the smart folks who would love to be a part of the discovery process you COULD HAVE created for them *or* attract dumbass people who couldn’t figure that stuff out for themselves.


Drop breadcrumbs down the path. Lure people toward the bright idea you want them to have about you. Attract collaborators who are smart enough to follow the bait to the right conclusion (y’know, that WE WILL MAKE MONEY TOGETHER, if we’re talking about an agent or manager) without YOU doing allllllll the work for them.

Heck, see this as the SMFA form of taking one thing off before leaving the house. 😉

Where might you be inadvertently connecting the dots for your buyers? Where can you give us room to join in the puzzle-solving?

Pop your best a-ha’s in the comments below!

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Excited to jam with you in some form or fashion SOON!

Rock on,

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