Hello beautiful people! Ready for some more Chart Harmony, Astrology for Creatives-style? Yay!

Today, we’re gonna take a look at how we can use the days of the week to offer tributes to the ruling planets, because this ritual can help *balance* the effects of some of the harder aspects in our natal charts AND some of the harder transits we’re all feeling right now.

Remediative astrology is new to me but I’ve gone all-in with a pretty extensive course and OMG there’s so much depth to this. No, I won’t overwhelm y’all with the full array of even what *I* have been exposed to in the past few weeks; what I will do is share a nice little guide for how to lean into what the planets need from US, even in very subtle ways.

So, there are seven days of the week and seven visible planets (or luminaries) in our naked-eye sky. Here are the planets to focus your attention on, day by day. IMPORTANT NOTE: These days start at SUNRISE (not at midnight, like our calendar days)!

Sunday = Sun
Monday = Moon
Tuesday = Mars
Wednesday = Mercury
Thursday = Jupiter
Friday = Venus
Saturday = Saturn

On Sunday (the Sun’s day), do things that honor the Sun: Wear gold or orange. Start your day with a Sun Salutation. Get outside! Be playful. Bask. Eat oranges and curries and turmeric and citrus fruit. This honors the Sun’s role in your life (especially helpful if you have trouble being seen or feeling as if you belong).

On Monday (the Moon’s day), do things that honor the Moon: Wear silver or white. Soak in the bath. Avoid the news. Get a massage. Nap. Pay attention to those heightened emotions. Eat favorite dishes from your mom’s kitchen, comfort foods, creamy and soothing recipes that align with how you want to FEEL.

On Tuesday (Mars’ day), do things that honor Mars: Wear red. Be active. Work out harder than you usually do. Spar or box or do some other contact sport. Participate in a drum circle. Get something pierced or get a tattoo. Go hatchet-throwing. Eat foods that are spicy, garlicky, high in protein, even a juicy steak. Do a Fireball shot.

On Wednesday (Mercury’s day), do things that honor Mercury: Wear yellow, especially patterns. Chant. Do breathwork. Meditate. Sit with your thoughts. Dance. Move around as you talk on the phone. Take an online class. Send emails. Drink coffee or caffeinated tea. Eat fast-to-prepare foods that keep you peppy and moving and don’t weigh you down or cloud your thoughts.

On Thursday (Jupiter’s day), do things that honor Jupiter: Wear purple or royal blue. Wear jewelry that’s sparkly. Engage in spiritual rituals. Spend time at your altar. Create a vision board for wildest dreams. Make a gratitude list. Arrange space using Feng Shui. Drink top-shelf booze or enchanting elixirs. Eat the most delicious, decadent foods you love. Indulge.

On Friday (Venus’ day), do things that honor Venus: Wear pink or green. Count up your coins and exchange them for bills. Wear a piece of jewelry that you love. Create visual art. Have sex. Drink wine. Eat food that is presented beautifully so it’s a delight for all the senses. Be sure to include melons and grapes and chocolate and anything sexy!

On Saturday (Saturn’s day), do things that honor Saturn: Wear black. Be quiet. Do things you’re supposed to do, things that take discipline and focus. Drink only water. Consider fasting. If that’s not your thing, go very light on your intake and avoid anything that would be an indulgence (indulgences are for Thursdays). Sip bone broth. Break stuff (coconuts are particularly satisfying).

Remember, these planetary days start at sunrise! Pair these tools with planetary hours for some REALLY potent mojo!

I’ll encourage you to get creative with these small and subtle ways to honor these planets and placements. Especially if you know enough about your chart to know that you have a tough combo of one of these placements, a sign it doesn’t like being in, all in a house where you really feel that discord… this kind of remediation work can really begin to shift things for you over time.

One of my favorite examples of how to ritualize this stuff was one that (of course) involves that big ol’ 5 vibe: 5 is a Mars number, Tuesday is Mars’ day. Donating $5 every Tuesday to a veteran’s group (people who went to war) is an example of an aligned offering. Really think about how you can layer in what you know about these planets and what they’re here to teach us.

Such great Chart Harmony!

I’d love to hear how this is going for you! Share in the comments at the dojo as we continue to jam about our October topic of Your Relationship with Belonging. For those of you in my Aligned Advantage membership, we’ll definitely be playing with this more! (Prefer to try before you buy? My free series, “What Your Birthday Says About You,” is available here.)

Reminder: If you haven’t already done so, register for our Expansive Capacity Zoom mastermind for this month! I’m so excited to connect with y’all on all things belonging! Sending you so much love and happy rituals, no matter how woo-woo they may be. 😉


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