Double Submissions

How do you feel about double submissions? Actors can submit themselves, as can their agent and/or manager. Since I don’t know when my agent is submitting me, it makes sense to try to get roles I’m suitable for. This undoubtedly creates extra work for the CD. Would you throw out a double submission for that reason alone?

No. I wouldn’t. That’s along the lines of tossing out that headshot that has a resumé stapled instead of glued on. Certainly, no one in casting will throw out a headshot because it is a duplicate if the actor is right for the role. So, don’t spend too much time worrying about that sort of thing.

Ideally, we would only get one submission per actor, but it’s not an ideal system. Actors have agents and managers (both of whom may be submitting the actors they represent) and may submit themselves as well. We expect some overlap. With online submissions becoming more and more popular, we may even see electronic submissions from three sources (agent, manager, and actor self-submission), as well as mailed submissions, just for good measure. Truly, it is impossible to keep up with where every submission comes from and no one in a busy casting office is tracking (and tossing) submissions that are duplicates. There’s just no time for that sort of extra work!

So, keep submitting yourself after doing your homework to be certain you’re what the CD is looking for on this particular project. Keep up with your agent and manager to be sure you’re all on the same page in the way you are being marketed. If you’re the right person for the role, we’re happy to see your headshot (even if we’re seeing it more than once on that particular day).

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