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I liked “Be Consistent. Be Connected.” I thought it was solid advice for a world I’ve not explored (online promotion). Thank you for the introduction.

You’re welcome. And y’know what, I was thinking after I turned last week’s column in that I probably should have mentioned how applicable those same words are to your in-person connections as well.

Being consistent is easy when you’re your authentic self. People learn what to expect from you every time you walk into the room, either to audition or to take a meeting. You are who you are and that’s consistent when you’re authentic and not busy constantly trying to figure out what it is we want you to be.

Being connected just means you show up when you say you will. (I had several actors flake on audition sessions for a sketch comedy company Friday. It’s shocking to me how folks will just no-show, no-call and expect that they can ever get seen by me on anything ever again.) It also means that you “water your contacts” without flooding them and without letting them get too dry. You stay in touch and keep us posted on what’s happening with you, but you’re also connected to the material when you audition, you’re connected in conversation with us so we get a sense of your authentic self (see above), and so on.

It’s all a part of the total package. And that’s you! Know yourself, be yourself, and make sure that self is clear to us in everything you do, online or “in real life.” Be consistent. Be connected. Always.

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