Hello beautiful people of Expansive Capacity! Happy Woo-Woo Wednesday, luminous ones! Time for more delicious Chart Harmony, Astrology for Creatives-style, y’all. 😉

Once again, it’s time to break out your charts — create one at the FREE horoscopes (natal chart) area at Astro.com — as we spend a little time with your midheaven.

Our midheaven is the key to abundance in our lives, so it’s a good idea to lean into it, wouldn’t you say?

Because it’s always fun to look at the general info and then drill down into the specifics, let’s begin with elements and then get into the signs.

If your midheaven is in Water, your abundance comes from your service to others. If your midheaven is in Air, your abundance comes from your communication to others. If your midheaven is in Earth, your abundance comes from the work you put in. If your midheaven is in Fire, your abundance comes from your magnetism.

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So… how do we find your midheaven?

bonnie gillespie astrological chart
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Break out that chart. See mine?

We’re looking for the letters MC together at the top of the outer ring of the chartwheel. (MC stands for Medium Coeli which means “the middle of the sky” in Latin. It is literally what was directly above you at the moment of your birth!) You can also see the MC notation in the text box over on the left side of the Astro document. You’ll see my midheaven is in Cancer at 18°30′.

Find out which sign your midheaven is in (don’t worry about the number of degrees at this point) and read on to find out what that says about your abundance! Note: I’ve grouped these by element and I’ve noted the modes. There are a few times in our lives we *especially* feel the tug of our midheaven (near our Saturn return before age 30, again in our mid-50s, and at the end of our 80s).

WATER SIGNS — These folks are of service; they’re healers; they generally could use better boundaries.

Midheaven in Cancer: As the Cardinal Water sign, you’re the natural mother. In charge of the family’s wellbeing (and your family is THE WORLD).
Midheaven in Scorpio: As the Fixed Water sign, you’re the healer who goes deep, usually in financial professions.
Midheaven in Pisces: As the Mutable Water sign, your healing comes through your art, your music, your hidden talents. Let ’em out!

AIR SIGNS — These folks are the communicators; they run the conscious experience.

Midheaven in Gemini: As the Mutable Air sign, your childlike glee motivates others. You’re great at talking, writing, raising your voice.
Midheaven in Libra: As the Cardinal Air sign, you lead through collaboration. You simplify the complicated.
Midheaven in Aquarius: As the Fixed Air sign, you could listen to yourself talk — on the same issue — forEVER. You’re a natural lawyer or politician.

EARTH SIGNS — These folks are the workers; they run things by taking on the mundane, detailed goodness of it all.

Midheaven in Taurus: As the Fixed Earth sign, you hold down the fort. You’re keeping tempo for everyone else, always.
Midheaven in Virgo: As the Mutable Earth sign, you are all about the details — especially ones others cannot keep up with. You’re the ultimate spotter!
Midheaven in Capricorn: As the Cardinal Earth sign, you’re probably a late bloomer. You were called to lead before you understood what that meant… and you did it anyway because you’re great at it.

FIRE SIGNS — These folks are Law of Attraction embodied! They charismatically disrupt the norm, innovate, and love being in the public eye.

Midheaven in Aries: As the Cardinal Fire sign, you will always fight for the underdog. Unless it’s you.
Midheaven in Leo: As the Fixed Fire sign, you show up in beautiful ways. You are a natural talent, when it comes to performing. No one will ever call you “shy.”
Midheaven in Sagittarius: As the Mutable Fire sign, your love for philosophy and higher learning make it seem as though your knowledge attracts abundance to you (but it would show up even if you never cracked a book).

How ya feelin’? Seeing your abundance in a new light?

We’ll continue to jam about all this and our January topic of Your Relationship with Daily Practices over in the comments at the dojo. If you haven’t already done so, also head there to register for our Zoom mastermind, of course!

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  1. Lucky At Cards June 2, 2022 at 2:11 pm

    ‘No one will ever call you “shy.”’ Actually there are tons of introverted people with Leo MCs. Badly aspected suns (even in 10H Leo!), Saturn, progressed planets in the 12H, etc. can all override a 10H Leo’s “magnetism.”

    1. Bonnie Gillespie June 2, 2022 at 2:59 pm

      Yes. Of course. 😉

      Each of these snapshots is ONLY looking at the effect of the single aspect, placement, or planet I’m covering in this particular post, as if we were isolating this away from ALLLLLLL the other factors. So it’s not just the natal chart that can create shifts to one’s personality, it’s also where they are in terms of 2ndary progressions, zodiacal releasing, annual (and monthly) profection, firdaria, lunar progressions, solar return charts, any locational shifts… so so so so so much more.

      We live our ENTIRE charts… but we learn about them one tiny slice at a time (especially at first). 😉


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