Dear Bonnie,

You may remember the words I told you in our first private: “You are a spiritual person.” Well this is strongly confirmed by your latest “Come from a Place of Service” column. Very deep, inspiring, and necessary.

I just found myself trapped into a very bad deal with an American distributor in which I lost time, money, and even a deal in Japan that I had found myself! But the saddest part of it — even though I eventually managed to nullify the contract — is that I was so upset about having been fooled, that during that process I lost what is of much higher value than time, money, and even a five-year distribution deal in Japan: I lost the balance of my mind.

My point here rejoins your point: If you’re in a frame of mind of service, and — I’ll allow myself to go a little further — in the frame of mind of LOVE, you simply can’t go wrong.

Much of the latter,

Oscar, I love this email. And you, of course. I am so thrilled to know that last week’s column resonated with you, as it did with quite a few people, based on the contents of my inbox and Twitter stream! 🙂 I’m thrilled knowing that there’s no lack of love for the woo-woo in our industry. It always makes me happy to share some mindset goodness and be met with loads of appreciation for having done so.

Of course, I’m bummed to hear about your deal-gone-wrong but so thrilled that it was an experience that has, in the end, re-centered you so that you can continue to build pieces of work like the one that has all this festival and distribution heat, your beloved Tuesday.

Can’t wait to see it. And you, my friend! Ninja on! 🙂

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