Got lots of great feedback on last week’s Room Ready. Here are a couple of the emails and some “yes, and…” from me.

Great article Bonnie.

I’ve been auditioning in this town for twenty years and have learned to be “room ready” by squandering opportunities. I guess if I didn’t learn from my mistakes the opportunities would have been squandered.

I hope your readers realize what a gift this article is. What has taken me twenty years to get a handle on is now served up on a silver platter for anyone with the gumption to read it.

Who knows, it may have still taken twenty years if I had read this in 1993. The teacher is only revealed when the student is ready.

Ron Eckert

Thank you, Ron. And you’re right… the lessons come when we’re ready to receive them. I’m so glad you enjoyed the article. I sure hope actors at the beginning of their game can learn from it and from you! I agree, the only squandered opportunities are the ones from which no lessons are learned. Rock on!

Hi Bonnie!

Just wanted to drop a line to say thanks again for all you do. I really needed your Room Ready article this past week; it was a great pick-me-up.

I’m in a discouraging phase here in LA where I’ve had very few auditions, and in five years I’ve yet to actually book a film/TV gig. I’ve been thinking a lot about if I love it enough to keep trying.

Your class and your books and your writings always remind me that I have something to offer in my uniqueness, however, particularly this week’s section on type alignment–I know my job is to show my own best interpretation of the character at hand, but I have a hard time talking down the negative voice that tells me I’m always the wrong type. Thanks for reminding me to let that shit go!

Hope you and the team and Keith are doing great!
Shannon MacMillan

Shannon, you’re awesome. I’m going to direct you to this gem from the archives, for you to read when you’re wondering whether or not to keep going: Just Once More.

No, it’s not always easy, and–especially in a town where you get to see others’ successes, blatantly–it’s hard to NOT become results-oriented sometimes.

When my spirit starts to get shredded, I ask myself: “If all I will ever accomplish in life has already happened, am I okay with that?” Then I can look at what I’ve done thus far, see that there have been loads of things I’ve created and lives I’ve touched and empowering information I’ve put into the world that will far outlive me… and then I don’t HAVE TO be results-oriented about anything that might be coming next.

Just THAT helps me relax so that I *can* be in a place where more creation and flow.

Breathe, darlin’. You’re doing great. Soldier on! Come play in the SMFA Alumni forums and get some support. We’re here for you.

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