Hollywood Happy Hour

Hey y’all. So… while I was in New York last week, I got to catch up with Nelson, my co-founder for Hollywood Happy Hour.

Hollywood Happy Hour

We talked about what HHH set out to be, what it has become, and where it’s headed.

We’ve been offered crazy money for the brand and our mailing list (no. And no).

What started out as a plan to get together monthly over drinks, meeting with industry folks for an hour of chat, then hours of schmooze and booze with some wonderful people, grew into more than we ever could have imagined. We had events sponsored by E!, Breakdown Services, and Backstage. We had guests like José Eber, Craig Tomashoff, and Greer Shephard. And we built an online community of nearly 2800 members without even really meaning to do so.

The HHH Yahoo Group was meant to be a place for HHH-ers to stay in touch between events, and it soon became a resource hub for people all over the world, most of whom have never even attended a live HHH event.

Today, there is no shortage of industry info hubs out there, and each has its own personality. The personality of HHH has almost always been overwhelmingly positive, supportive, and filled with great info. When it has veered off the rails at all, its membership — not just its moderators — put it back on track. We’ve seen little sub-communities spring up from factions of the HHH membership. Projects created, events organized, roommates brought together, romances cooked up, you name it!

Guys, Nelson and I celebrate you all! This has been an amazing community and we’re thrilled to have been able to create the event — a decade ago — that would lead to all this good stuff!

We are now at a turning point with Hollywood Happy Hour and that means it is time for some changes, not the smallest of which is closing up the Yahoo Group today.

This has been such a delightful experience and I, personally, have enjoyed getting to know so very many of you through this online gathering and exchange of resources, support, and encouragement. Nelson and I thank you ALL (and all members of HHH, past) for having made our li’l group a part of your lives. Your openness and your willingness to share are to be commended, and I hope you’ll continue to support one another at any of the many entertainment industry resource forums out there. No, they aren’t the same as Hollywood Happy Hour (nor would you want them to be, as each is wonderful in its own, unique way), but they’re out there. And we hope you’ll continue to be a part of entertainment industry support communities, as this sort of environment is what keeps our business SMALL. 😀

Nelson, Kristyn, Bonnie, April 6, 2004 HHH

Very exciting things on the horizon for Hollywood Happy Hour, guys. Nelson and I are thrilled to bring HHH to a new level and hope you’ll cheer us on as we do it! We certainly will cheer you on as you continue your tier-jumps through this amazing creative career we’ve all chosen. How lucky are we, to get to live our dreams so fully!

All our love… ’til next Hollywood Happy Hour,
Bonnie Gillespie https://bonniegillespie.com
Nelson Aspen https://nelsonaspen.com
Kristyn Burtt https://redcarpetcloset.blogspot.com

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