List Thus Far

Updates to the list thus far:
I have a script to read [read enough to know I’ll accept the offer to cast it tomorrow], a column to write, offers to fax [got authorization for dollar amounts on three of them, holding on one more], feedback to provide [this is going to take forever and I always worry I miss something and end up just not doing any, which I hate, since I know it helps the actors to get feedback], bills to pay [that’s the very next item, I promise], books to sign [can do that with wine, later], books to pack [ditto], books to mail [pack ’em up for Keith to take after he and Quinn return from NoCal], headshots to open [ugh, that’s forever in the making], headshots to sort [this list is still way overwhelming], headshots to purge [I thought I’d gotten so much done today], a screen to put back in a window [waits for Keith], a shower to take, litter to scoop, dishes to wash, three websites to update [coming soon], a font to install [having some bugs with the Tiger upgrade… must research], and dayplayers to enter into the Breakdowns system to email to producers [later].
Holy bejeebus. I thought I’d gotten so much done already. Lists are evil. (No, they’re not. I know that.)
PS–I cannot watch ten minutes of television without seeing an actor I know. That’s kind of cool.
PPS–It seems I will get to officially make an offer to one of the most talented actors I know tomorrow (and someone I count as a friend) to star in one of the movies I’m casting. I’m so so so so so freakin’ excited about this film. Can’t wait to make it official!! Rockstar!

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  1. Aimercat June 13, 2005 at 2:50 am

    Bad Aimercat, here. I got like uh…nothing done. Well I did manage to pay two bills, but then I got distracted by this hot New Zealander singer by the name of Daniel Bedingfield and it’s game over in more than one way.
    Congrats for getting more done than me. Oh wait, I caught up on the stuff I taped during the week.

  2. Jeannini-Nini June 13, 2005 at 11:08 am

    Just felt like giving you a hug. :o)