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Facebook Search

Realizing tonight that Facebook could *further* dominate the planet if it offered a search function that allowed users to find the post in which so-and-so said such-and-such whatever number of years ago. This post is…

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Caption Contest

So, a few weeks ago, I tweeted the following: Not surprisingly, my Twitter followers are damn clever and funny, so I got a few snort-inducing replies to the photo, which caused me to declare a…

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Why My House Is Dirty

I had a run of stress today. And when I get stressed out — like really stressed out — I clean. I really clean. Took about ten minutes of heavy-duty cleaning today to get my…

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Here for the Right Reasons

Here for the Right Reasons: Q&A with This Season’s Loser by Bachelor Fantasy League week of April 02, 2010 This posting is the author’s personal archive. Originally published by Bachelor Fantasy League at Bribing…

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Eff the Net!

Oh, okay. NOW I get it. So, I had been asking dearest besties why it is I’m so angry lately. (It’s really flippin’ annoying. I’ve been a big-ass ball of rage for about two months…

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So, this was fun.

Tuesday night, I spoke to a group of kids from my old acting studio, Atlanta Workshop Players. Every year, they come out to LA and I do a little thing with them. It’s always a…

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Soooo Spoooooooky

Love the Halloween promotion over at Actors Access. Soooo Spoooooooky! Heeeeeeee!