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I’ve never watched the show, so I’ll have to take this quiz’s word for it. (Nabbed from Tara the Great.) Which Grey’s Anatomy Character Are You? You are Christina Yang. You are incredibly determined and…

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New Favorite Commercial

Seriously. This has to be a joke. I mean, it’s probably a decent idea. You put your bra on this thing that helps it keep its shape in the wash. Okay. Fine. (Um, but doesn’t…

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Coming Clean

I think it’s time I set the record straight. I grew up believing that Peter Frampton and The Bee Gees were the original recording artists of songs like “With A Little Help From My Friends,”…

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Compare and Contrast

Deep thoughts while I’m doing the “brain work” behind this week’s column… This isn’t news. Everyone says Bruce Vilanch resembles a Fraggle. But check this out. Separated at birth, no? (That’s Sally Struthers, BTW.) Okay,…

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This is bitchin’. Click here to make your own. I like this post much better than that bitchy, geeky last one. I’m sleepy.


Sometimes Stumble Upon sends me to some great places. Watch this video of an obsessed cat. Best part might possibly be when the son (I’m guessing) tells the mom (who is figuring they’ll have a…

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Best Campaign Slogan Ever

Just saw an ad for Phil Angelides, who is challenging The Terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger for governor. Phil Angelides: A leader, not an actor. Oh, SNAP!