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And then there was one.

*sigh* I was waiting to post about this, because I was sure that at any moment there would be NONE, but it seems we’ve reached the status at which we’ll be holding for a while….

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My Cat Is Insane

I was just enjoying leftovers from Tana’s and Thwok came up while I wasn’t looking and stole a piece of freakin’ broccoli. Not lobster. Broccoli. Weird animal. Oh, and Deb, I got your emails. I…

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How We Work

Okay, so Keith’s having trouble getting work done today. Why? Click to enlarge. Well… fatass Archie has a new favorite spot. *sigh* PS–Next entry is number 1111 at the BonBlogs. I’d better make it a…

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Junk on the Trunk

In true “lemme show ya how it’s done, sister” fashion, Salema took a roll in the ‘nip in front of Thwok. Click to enlarge. And struck a couple of poses. You go, girl!

Step One

Step one, dear Thwok, is admitting that you have a problem. Click to enlarge. Granted, you are a cat, and I guess it’s okay if you want to go around all Kate Moss with junk…

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Imaginary Friend

I’m more implausable than Chip. An Imaginary Friend Your score was 54 in Unbelievability! You are your author’s imaginary friend, but you’re not really the type of character fiction writers should aim for. You’re more…

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Another Kitchen Adventure

We tried out the Gluten-Free Pantry recipe for mini-corndogs today. Much more like a hot-pocket and less like a corndog, but still tasty. I think we’ll create the “dough” again in the future and fill…

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Rest in Peace, Dear Joseph

Word from Sacto on Joseph Montana… Just wanted you to know that Joseph is gone. He went very quickly and very peacefully, with his flaps (ears) up. Thank you for your good thoughts and prayers….

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