Today, sweet Mala Beads, you are 1. (Experience this post on Instagram.)

Mala Beads Gillespie in the crate for the first time, on gotcha day. He's so wittle!
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You were born under Gemini Sun and Cancer Moon — you are bright, curious, clever, playful, and you pick up on my every emotion, which means you’ve done a really good job of calming me down. Teaching me to rest. Helping me embrace playfulness. Getting me to release MY anxiety so our entire home is more pleasant.

Early Mala with and without Bonnie Gillespie, his person.
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You sit at your spot with an uplifted Paw of Anticipation. You are skilled at “go show daddy.” You love visiting aunt Tracy for puplates (you share a love of sloths).

Mala puppy belly on International Dog Day.
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Whether it’s desqueakifying a new stuffed toy within an hour of receiving it or playing RUN-RUN-RUN with any of your favorite balls, your energy is so fun and sweet and social. I especially love that you never chase after one thing without another thing still in your mouth. So Gemini!

Mala puppy in the Mighty TicTac (Bonnie Gillespie's 1990 Mazda Miata; no, she's not for sale) + face-down sleeping.
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When we go for walks, you always get compliments from folks in our neighborhood. (You do have lovely long legs and such an approachable disposition!) Chasing a leaf down and then walking with it, proudly, as if it’s a big cigar in your mouth… that’s another of the so very you things that you do.

Gotcha day! Mala's adoption photos (as Owl, from the Labelle Foundation), a welcoming crate and toy, and Bonnie Gillespie and Keith Johnson heading back to the beach with their new baby boy puppy.
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You very recently let us know that you like alone time and don’t need to follow us everywhere all the time. *gasp* This is thrilling! And also a clear sign of your growth in these 10+ months we’ve shared.

Mala climbing the California Incline in his hoody, then passed out after a big beach day.
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Sweet Mala, you have my heart. You’ve helped me heal. You make me laugh more every day than I have in years.

Mala stretching to check out a poster (he thinks his reflection is another dog) and showing off his belly and tongue.
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Your angel-wing markings, belly freckles, and curly-Q tail are all a part of what makes you so YOU.

Sweet puppy giving a blep. Tiny headed Mala + Bon on gotcha day!
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Thank you for being born at the exact right time! Happy birthday! And thank you to The Labelle Foundation and the BEST fosters! Very special thanks to Beth Goldfarb-Jackson to whom I said “absolutely NO chihuahuas” a year or so ago.

Mala with 3 belly-up shots, from behind on the big stairs to the big world, in the car, and simply being beautiful.
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You’re part chihuahua, part min-pin, part pom. And PURE love.

Mala in hoodie face-planting in pillows, sneaking a kiss behind Bonnie Gillespie's ear, and fresh from the bath.
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Thank you, Mala. For being.

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