Our Full Moon in Sagittarius is almost here! This is the biggest PARTY of a Full Moon we get all year long. So… let’s get into it! It’s time to rejoice!

Chart Harmony with the Full Moon

As you’ll recall from our New Moon exploration, each zodiac sign has a powerful/positive expression and a lower/lesser expression. A light side and a shadow side, let’s say.

Under the Full Moon, we always release what no longer serves us from the shadow side of that particular Moon’s vibe. We look specifically at the sign of the Full Moon (Hint: It’ll be the opposite sign of the Sun!) and consider the lower vibration of that sign. What is it less-than-great at? How do its less-fabulous qualities tend to show up in our lives? What does this sign get dragged for in all the memes? These are going to be things we’re ready to release under this Full Moon.

We’re simply letting GO the components the Full Moon is helping us see more clearly. In the case of Sagittarius, that’s all the mansplaining. The blunt outbursts. The fickle friendship. The hero-of-the-moment grand ideas that flame out before taking shape. While Sagittarius has some of the best positive qualities, today we’re looking for those less-positive traits so we can take advantage of the spotlight on ’em and RELEASE fully.

How do we do that? So glad you asked!

This can be a list you write up and then (safely) burn to release. It can be words you say out loud — TO the Full Moon out your window or outside right there under it. You can envision these things you’re releasing being physically taken from you, as if a burden is being removed from your energetic load. Actually sit up straighter and feel yourself being lighter just in letting those things go!

You don’t have to do all of this at the exact moment of the Full Moon; anytime the Moon is in the sign is fine. We want to bring energy of allowing freedom into this lunation… and that means not getting too precious about exactly HOW we do this ritual.

Since this is the Full Moon release for the New Moon intentions we set 6 months ago (during the New Moon in Sagittarius), it’s an especially good time for letting go of anything relating to how we hoped those New Moon seeds would turn out, once harvested. This is their harvest! If you keep a Moon journal, linking these lunations together in their 6-month cycles is a lovely way to stay in touch with your dreams and growth!

I jot my Full Moon release list in my journal. I’m very low-woo/low-#WitchyShit when it comes to my rituals (mainly because we get 13 Full Moons a year and that’s a LOT of reps of this process; I like to keep it simple and doable no matter what else I’ve got going on). If you’ve got a lovely lunar altar, or if you set a new altar every lunar cycle, integrate this work into that process. Do something specific to honor the planetary ruler of the sign this Full Moon is happening in (in this case, Jupiter).

The most important part of a Full Moon release for me is expressing gratitude for the whole experience of the sign (not just the shadow side we’re letting go of at this time). In this case, the Fire of Sagittarius and the optimism of its Jupiter ruler brought me so much bravery and trust when I needed both a great deal over these past 6 months. I have so much gratitude to note in my journal!

If you’re getting the sense that there’s no ONE way to do this, good job! That’s exactly right. As with all things Chart Harmony, your intention means far more than your precision!

Remember to take a look at the HOUSE this Full Moon lands in (that’s wherever Sagittarius is in your natal chart — ideally you’ll use the Whole Sign House System so it’s one sign in one house; way easier to manage).

Not sure which house that would be, in your birth chart? Hop in on my free training — What Your Birthday Says About Youhere! I’ve gotchuu! And if you’d like to join my free community for having these discussions regularly, our Discord is here. Yay!

This is also a lovely time to put your crystals out where the light of the Full Moon can reach them. Let them get a charge out of the energy. Let their energy be reset by the release ritual you’re doing. Again, layer on the gratitude for all the work these gorgeous gems do in your life. (NOTE: Never put your crystals out under an eclipse! Too much intense energy!)

BONUS: Were you born under a Full Moon? (You can find out using Astro-Seek’s calculator.) Being born under a Full Moon can give your personality an extroverted, magnetic, and intense vibe. You’re on a quest for balance between that natal Sun and opposing Moon, and that awareness of the potential power in that is fierce.

BONUS-BONUS: If you’re in a Full Moon phase by 2ndary progression, it’s a culmination of growth. You’re celebrating your powerful enoughness at this stage and it’s charismatic AF. Yay!

Pop in the comments below what the Full Moon phase means to you. I’d love to get to know you better through la luna. 🌙

So much love flowing your way!

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