You’ve probably heard the news from Justin Martindale’s podcast, Just Sayin’, that Heather Morris recently dished about how Jennifer Lopez won’t hire Virgos. Allegedly.

Here’s the whole bit:

justin martindale re jlo and virgos
Click to watch the clip.

So this got me thinking about Brandprov and the zodiac. Like… don’t tell me YOUR sign; tell me the sign of your most castable brand! (No clue what Brandprov is? Here’s an article. And here’s a vid.)

If you’re a feisty, impulsive firecracker, your brand is likely Aries… maybe Sagittarius. Do you get cast playing dreamy, moody, lost-in-their-own-thoughts types? Well hello, Pisces! And of course there’s a brand alignment for every sign in between!

(Not sure about the woo-woo stuff? My free training, What Your Birthday Says About YOU, is available to you right here.)

Whether or not the J.Lo story is true, the internet is having a TIME with this one. All sorts of Virgos saying it’s because she couldn’t stand the idea of having such perfection among her dancers (making her look bad)! All sorts of non-Virgos piling on about that one time they were hurt by a Virgo. And of course, EVERYONE sharing the sign of their choice for “most unhireable.”

My question is: What sign is your BRAND? I’d love to know. Comments are open just below. Have fun with this one! Let’s co-create some clever combos here.

Meanwhile… like I sometimes do, yesterday I reached out to the few hundy of y’all who text with me (yes, really — you can text with me too, right here) to ask what topic today’s BonBlast should be.

I got a LOT of great suggestions (THANK YOU) and the uncanny trend was that — in addition to sharing wonderful ideas that I *will* write about in the coming weeks — many of my texting pals asked, “What the [BLANK] is going on right now? Everyone is a MESS.”

Welp… I actually wrote a bit about part of this intense woo weather when I announced my partial hiatus from social media. (You can read the whole article about what Mars in Gemini has in store for us here.)

In short: The planet of war is in the sign of communication (yep, that includes social media) for 7+ months (not the usual 8 weeks Mars spends in a sign). Do with that what you will. 😉

Add to that the fact that we have Mercury (Gemini’s ruler) going retrograde (twice) during that Mars tour… and of course Mars goes retrograde in there too… and we have QUITE the swirly, fiery combo!

Survival tips for Mercury *and* Mars retros are here, here, and here.

In shorter-short: One of the great advantages to knowing about the woo weather is that we can prepare for how it’s gonna feel exactly the same way we’d know to bring an umbrella if the meteorologist said there’s an 85% chance of rain. It doesn’t mean we avoid the weather; it means we’re not thrown off by it.

While those who pooh-pooh the woo-woo may scurry around really frustrated and fired up about that fiery frustration between now and the end of March 2023 (yes, that long), I hope you’ll join me in lightening up the vibe around it all by just taking a deep breath, centering yourself, and refusing to take the bait when it’s offered.

Come jam with us in the Chart Harmony Discord server if you’d like to share some practical tools for navigating this (and other) woo weather.

And as for the whole J.Lo Virgo thing, just know, for every person who’s not into your perfection there’s another bunch o’ folks who think you’re perfectly amazing. Because you ARE! Whatever your sign may be. 😉

’til next time, stay ninja!

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  1. Elizabeth Zimmerman August 31, 2022 at 10:03 am

    There is no question that I am an Aries!
    I lead with my head and my mouth, and sometimes my mouth works on its own!

    1. Bonnie Gillespie August 31, 2022 at 11:26 am

      And that is all so much of what I love about you, EAZ!


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