All righty lovelies! It’s time for your May overview, with particular focus on big astro, the moon’s move through the zodiac, and numerology for GSD energy. (GSD = get shit done, and of course, that’s not the goal of every dang day.) IMPORTANT: We have a big event happening on May 11th that you will NOT want to miss. It’s free and it’s all about how you can use Mercury retrograde to beef up your bank account. Yes, really! Stay tuned.

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If you’d like your own calendar to go along with these notes, my Aligned Hustle Calendar is a monthly PDF that comes packed with the TL;DR energy for each day, delivered to you in advance of each new month. Your calendar subscription comes with 4 MP3s on how to use all the info on that month-at-a-glance planner! And if you crave going deeper, you’re welcome to join us in my Aligned Advantage membership for a live group Zoom with me each month.

We kick things off with a lot of “shake things up” energy thanks to Pluto having gone retrograde a few days ago. It’s time to transform some systems. The question is: How are you gonna shake things up? Me? I’m gonna dismantle the patriarchy; you choose what feels right for you.

We’re still in our 5 year and that means play, friskiness, fun, frolic, being seen, children, childlike glee, and all that joy-filled stuff. May specifically is a 1 month which means we are starting things, initiating things, using our energy to get things going… specifically Taurus-style for the first part of the month.

Taurus asks, “How can I be comforted? How can I luxuriate? How can I have long-term, sustainable value? How can I create things that last?” Taurus may be slow to get started, but the bull is always in it for the long haul.

We start our month off with energy for doing the work, especially if the work could use a little yin-yang balance. I really like the 2nd, because we move from Capricorn moon into the Aquarius moon under a 3 numerology, so that’s very creative energy that’s good for manifesting and doing things with a group.

On the 3rd of May, we have Mercury moving into Gemini and that’s one of its favorite places to be! We have the chattiness of the Gemini twins and mutability… Mercury loves that! If you’re the type who has trouble sleeping because your brain doesn’t shut off, it’s going to kick into high gear while Mercury’s in Gemini. Lots of chatter. Just get up and write something. There’s no turning this stuff off for a few weeks. The most active chatter will be on the 3rd with that Aquarius moon of course. If you find yourself asking, “Could we please stop talking?” the answer is… nope. Not Monday the third. We will not stop talking that day. 😉

We’re also in the last quarter moon here, so it’s a great time to declutter and engage in self-care. Also on the 3rd, we have Mercury squaring Jupiter *and* we have the sun squaring Saturn. Squares are hard angles. Pressure. But of course good things can come from pressure… just don’t be surprised to feel it around communication and systems. Because it’s a 4 day numerologically, you’ll be able to roll up your sleeves and GSD.

The 4th has good GSD energy until we move into that dreamy Pisces moon. May the fourth be with you. 😉 Heh heh.

On the 7th, we have our Aries moon energy early in the day and an 8 for the numerology. This is seriously great GSD energy!

Venus moves into Gemini on the 8th. Gemini season is coming into focus with these moves (Mercury first, then Venus). We’re going to want to be more social and more expressive. We’re also going to find mental energy more attractive than what we see with our eyes or feel from the heart. Like, if someone can talk a good game, that’s gonna feel really yummy right now. Especially if they’re at all musically inclined. Be ready to swoon.

Also on the 8th, we have Venus squaring Jupiter, and these are our two benefics! So, it’s a hard angle but these are two good guys. Hard work around love and values plus luck and expansion… as pressure goes, I’ll take it!

I love the 9th with 1 numerology and an Aries (high energy) moon taking us into that more stable Taurus moon. Great day to do some manifesting!

On the 11th, we have our new moon in Taurus, just before noon PDT. This is when we plant seeds for investments, enduring value, loyalty, slow and steady growth, sustainability, and of course luxurious things. That’s all Taurus yumminess. This is also a great GSD day for manifesting and specifically bringing things together with others.

We have a great GSD day on the 12th because of the Gemini moon and the 4 numerology. The 13th is also fantastic because we’re still under that Gemini moon, we have a 5 numerological vibe, and Jupiter moves into Pisces. This is nothing but good news! Generally, Jupiter spends one year in a sign. Right now, it’s dipping into Pisces before it has done a full year in Aquarius; it’s been moving really fast. It will move into Pisces and very soon will go retrograde. Then it will come back out into Aquarius to finish the official year of Aquarius in Jupiter.

The reason this period that it goes into Pisces is important is because Jupiter loves being in Pisces *and* it’s a preview of our 2022 energy for abundance (Jupiter’s specialty). We will experience some really yummy, delicious, well-needed expansion around spirituality — like, you can expect some near psychic level dreams — and our collective expansion should feel more aligned with a gut-level knowing, with woo. Also, more people will become woo-curious and we’ll see more conversations around alignment for work that we do, rather than the whole patriarchal “work hard, play hard” bullshit of hustle culture. I am really looking forward to this! It is a time potentially of renaissance in arts and music and sculpture and beauty… it’s a really beautiful time. We’ll just be doing it for a few months in 2021, but it’s a lovely preview for what 2022 is going to be like, at least as far as Jupiter is concerned.

As if that weren’t enough, also on the 13th we have the sun sextile Neptune, which is good creative energy, and another reason that we’re all probably going to have some really interesting downloads and dreams. That 5 energy of the day being especially creative plus these big astro moves means more magic, more manifesting, more divine downloads… just be ready to receive all of that! This whole week is actually really lovely. And thank goodness, right? 😉

Focus on house and home with that 6 energy on the 14th because even though we have the active Gemini moon for most of the day, most of it is a void moon. Then we move into our Cancer moon which really aligns with the domestic, repair, and health energy of the numerology of the day. The energy just won’t be as high as the rest of the week may have been feeling.

I like the 17th because of the Leo moon — these days are always great for forward facing things and GSD energy — but being a 9, it’s a day of closing things off. This is also a good day to sort of wrap up the plan about anything NEW before we get too close to Mercury going retrograde.

The 18th has good GSD energy. Just make sure by this point in the month as you initiate things, it’s all stuff that you already had planned out before that day or else you could be laying the groundwork to have to deal with some Mercury retrograde shenanigans in another week and a half.

We’re still in our Leo moon on the 19th (it’s nearly midnight PDT when we shift into our Virgo moon). The 2 energy makes this day a little emotional as we finish out Taurus season and also have our first quarter moon, which is when we delegate and review. Also, your charisma will be up, so use the tail-end of that Leo moon to be seen!

On the 20th we kick off Gemini season — the Earth now joins Mercury and Venus in the sign of Gemini… and so of course because we do everything from an Earth-centered perspective, we say it’s the sun moving into Gemini, but it’s the Earth. That’s a whole separate conversation and if you’d like to dismantle the patriarchy while doing astrology, there’s a wonderful book that I recommend you preorder called Post-Colonial Astrology by Alice Sparkly Kat. They are a really phenomenal, groundbreaking post-colonial astrologer. ANYWAY, we have a great GSD day thanks to the Virgo moon, Gemini sun, 3 numerology, all happening on Jupiter’s day… I love Thursday the 20th! That’s a chef’s kiss day, y’all.

The 21st is great with that 4 energy and moving into a Libra moon. I’ve got nothing but love for that day, even though the sun is squaring Jupiter. It is still a really good, yummy day for GSD.

I also like the 22nd for GSD, with an even more fun vibe because of that 5 numerological energy shift.

The 23rd is time to focus on house and home, your health, domestic issues, and repairs because of the 6 energy… and we’re going from the Libra moon to the Scorpio moon so it’s going to intensify the emotions a little bit later that day. Also on the 23rd, we have our next retrograde… and it’s Saturn. Saturn retrograde in Aquarius. Of course, Saturn is cool in Aquarius; it likes being there. Saturn retrograde in Aquarius means we’re going to be looking at society, culture, norms, and systems as they apply to the collective, technology, and an idyllic future. The retrograde is going to be all about reviewing the work here. Making sure that we are happy with the systems and the structure that are coming through with that work we started over here last year. Of course retrograde always means go within a little bit, personally. So, even though Saturn is an outer planet and Aquarius is a collective sign, I still would encourage you to look within, to see what personal systems you could improve upon during this retrograde period of a few months.

We have good GSD energy on the 25th and it’s going to feel intense in the early part of the day because of our Scorpio moon. When the moon moves into Sagittarius, it is going to have us more expansive and curious, and we may feel more travel-twitchy and wanting to engage in higher learning if not actual physical travel. That 8 numerology of course is a power number, so I like that a lot. It’s also a Mars day so it has the energy of Mars — lots of motivation and drive.

Then on the 26th, we have our full moon in Sagittarius and this is our first eclipse of the season! The lunar eclipse of the full moon in Sagittarius is when we want to release anything that is overly ambitious, any grand plans that don’t feel like they’re coming together.

I’ll invite you to take a look at where this full moon lunar eclipse is happening — 5 degrees 25 minutes Sagittarius. On your own chart (which you can render for free at a site like, find Sagittarius and look at the notches around the edge of the chartwheel to find 5 degrees 25 minutes Sagittarius. Look to the center of the chartwheel to find the little number that indicates which house this eclipse will be happening in, for you. For me, the eclipse will be happening the 2nd house.

As for what each of the houses MEANS, all of this is covered in my free What Your Birthday Says About You training. Once you plot this out, know that you are going to have this eclipse energizing the house in which it takes place, in your chart. So when you’re doing your full moon release, do it specifically around whatever it is that that house manages. This is how we make even better use of what’s happening in the woo through the Aligned Hustle Calendar. We now take it home to our own charts. And we can do this every month but I wanted to specifically highlight it this month because eclipses are a big deal. Yay!

On the 27th, we have Venus squaring Neptune. So Neptune is about deception and lies but also it’s the actor planet… it is the mask, it is the fantasy. Square, obviously, is a hard angle and that means pressure. Coming together with Venus, which is all about our values, how we love, how we see beauty, and how we take care of money in our lives. So look for pressure in those areas on the 27th. Also, GSD on the 27th because of that Capricorn moon coming in late. Even though the Sagittarius moon is good GSD energy for most of that day, we are under a void moon for a big chunk of the 27th. Remember, void moon is a little like Mercury retrograde; it means double check everything, do things that are already a part of your plan, don’t look to do new things… and of course, we’re so close to Mercury retrograde at this point, you want to use this time to make sure you’re setting yourself up for the most success possible!

In addition to Mercury going retrograde — which is the thing we have the most experience with because we get to do it at least three times a year — on the 29th this Mercury retrograde is happening in Gemini, which is a sign that Mercury likes to be in, but because Gemini is the sign of communication, this retrograde is gonna be extra!

As you’re planning out your May right now, please, please, please — a full two weeks before the 29th — have everything backed up, have everything confirmed, get all the new that you need done DONE, so that you’re not initiating under Mercury retrograde. Instead, you are using — under Mercury retrograde — the things that retrogrades are great for, which are reviewing, revisiting, editing, reconsidering, re-, re-, re-… but you don’t want it to be a lot of unexpected repair. My favorite re- of course is rest. I like to rest under Mercury retrograde because the world is a lot. 😉

Also on the 29th, we have Mercury conjunct Venus, so that’s us being more expressive about what we value. We move into our Aquarius moon late in the day and we’re in a 3 energy numerologically. Mercury going retrograde of course has its impact on us but we’ll you’ll perhaps already have been feeling that coming depending on how sensitive you are to Mercury and you know from your lived experience what that does for you. It’s not a GSD day… it’s more of a get SOME shit done day.

That Aquarius moon plus the 5 playful, fun, celebratory energy of the 31st combines to bring us a really lovely end to an incredibly active month!

Finally, I’m super excited to share with you that on the 11th, my amazing client and friend Marie Watkins will be doing a FREE webinar with me all about how she used Mercury retrograde in her business earlier this year to have a $95K month. Yes, really. She’s going to share all the things that she did pre-Mercury retrograde earlier this year so that DURING Mercury retrograde she was able to do things Mercury retrograde is great at: revisiting old clients, recharging relationships, going back into her files and pulling in business that needed to be renewed and refreshed. She did it easily… to the tune of a nearly six-figure month! We’re going to walk you through this during our webinar on the 11th (my sweet mother’s birthday, by the way; she would’ve turned 88 this year). Check back for the registration link. I’m so excited for this, y’all!

That’s it for May! I hope this exploration is inspiring you and I love to see how you use the momentum to create the most joy in your life. 🙂 Share your feedback below! I love hearing from you.

Much love,

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