Let’s get real: The Moon doesn’t feel all that safe in Scorpio. Scorpio is so intense. So passionate. So deep. The Moon is how we get our needs met, and Scorpio is certain there is always a deeper need no one can see… perhaps no one ever will.

Chart Harmony - Scorpio Moon

When the Moon floats into Scorpio each month, we’re more certain the only motive someone could have in meeting our needs is to be able to hurt us with that access later. Since Scorpio Moon can see to the depths of everyone else’s soul, it’s hard for them to imagine they’re not also being so very exposed.

Scorpio Moon - Bonnie Gillespie

Luckily, as we feel the prickly intensity of the Scorpio Moon, we’re given a fabulous opportunity to take our intuitive gifts to new depths.

Natal Scorpio Moon - Chart Harmony

Thanks to this Chart Harmony tour through all 12 signs of the zodiac (with the Moon as our guide), you’re learning how to Use Your Moons rather than being surprised by the shifts in energy that happen every couple o’ days.

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Custom Report from Bonnie Gillespie

When I started letting the Moon move me rather than pushing against her, a whole new level of connection opened up for me. I’m more in touch with my emotions without being dominated by them. I’m more understanding of the encounters I have. More forgiving. More in tune with nature and the natural state of grace we all have access to when we’re living in integrity with our fullest selves.

Use these few days while the Moon is in Scorpio to do research, refine your dexterity with your passions, test your psychic powers, and learn to trust that having needs does not make you *too* vulnerable. Does not make you an easy target. Does not make you weak. Having needs makes you human (like it or not).

Enjoy the intensity of going deeper with yourself!

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All my love,

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