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This archived column called “Just Get Better” is amazing!! Thank you! I’ve been rejecting everything you mentioned to stop doing, and sticking to creating relationships with friends of friends in the industry who are a tier or two or three ahead of me.

Thank you for validating my concerns that busy work isn’t productive work and to focus on specifics.

I have a very specific CD I am targeting, but short of sending them my headshot and resumé by mail (not sexy, I know), I’m having trouble figuring out a way to get on their radar.

But that is what I’m focusing on, über specific targeting and upping my craft level to match the level of work of the CD I’m targeting. (I’m writing a webseries or short film… can’t decide yet… that will be right up the alley of the projects this CD casts.)

Am I being ninja enough? Without you, I’d be obsessing over creating a talking headshot. 🙂

So much love and thanks!
Jennifer DeLatte

Jennifer, awesome. Seriously. Working on creating content that showcases you as the most castable version of you possible is brilliant use of your energy! We can get so completely obsessed with the little stuff and in the end, it’s just not relevant when compared with building long-term relationships and doing the NON-SEXY stuff that *is* all about enduring a career in the industry.

Yes, I would say your ninjosity is impressive! You’re doing the work, you’re putting in the time, you’re aware that this is a long game with lots of moving parts to it, and you’re having fun along the way. In the end, isn’t that what’s most important? Rock on!

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