There’s this theory that there are three components to any project: price, speed, and quality. You get to pick excellence in TWO of those, but never all three.

So, you can hit McDonald’s drivethru and have something cheap and fast, but it’s not gonna be the best thing you’ve ever tasted.

You can hire someone to design your website and it’s going to cost a pretty penny and be really awesome, but it may take a long time to launch.

Or you hop in an Über towncar because it’s fast and really fantastic, but you will be spending some money for not having chosen the POOL or the Super Shuttle.

Cheap, fast, or good. As an actor, you’re providing two of those three elements on every project you book. Cheap means you work for scale (or for copy, credit, meals if not yet for scale). Fast means you show up early and help them make their day. Good means you are bringing more to the table than your awesome acting; you’re bringing name actor value. You’re bringing your reputation. You’re adding cred to the project just by being attached.

Now the cool part for actors is that eventually, it’s not even about TWO things in this triangle; it’s about just adding VALUE. It’s all about being good. And then you can get paid crazy well and you can even pull a diva trip and stay in your trailer, delaying the shoot, because the GOOD that you add to the project outweighs the drama factor.

Of course, I know that’s not you. You’re always going to be both awesome *and* low-maintenance. You’re going to help them make their day, even when you’re a NAME actor. So you may not be cheap, but you’re covering those other two elements for sure!

Here’s today’s challenge: Think about what you are to folks, right now. If you can only be two of these three things, which two are you? Are you affordable (you’ll work for free)? Are you a total pro who will always help the team make their day (you’re early and you’re a “one-take wonder” on camera)? Are you so freakin’ talented that everyone wants to put you on a set because of all the awesomeosity you bring to the project?

Eventually, just being AMAZING is all you need to do. But ’til you’re at that name actor tier, think about what value you’re adding to every project you’re a part of. What do you want them to say about you? I mean beyond what they say about your type, your brand, your craft. What convos do you want them to have about YOU?

Are they saying you’re affordable? Are they saying you’re early? Are they saying you’re so freakin’ talented they can’t see straight?

Pick two. Which two cover you as an actor today?

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